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Hey members how do you do all. I want to have more informations about war and i want to know if is it possible to join if i am only registered ?


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@WaRRirOzz He needs a team to request a war against us. i doubt he has a team.

Everyone is welcome in joining us in scrims, you just need to stay in discord during the evening/night hours.
Internal wars are easier for beginners but we need 10 players online for that.
Ask an Admin to grant you the TRUSTED rank on discord so you are able to see our warteam chat.

You should inform yourself about the very basics of scrims but you will learn it quick once you play it.
We play Pr0mod 2.20. You need an updated Punkbuster folder(for 1.7 server) and the 1.8 patch running.
If you have a cracked/modified version of cod4 you might run into alot of troubleshooting before you are able to play. There are plenty of Members who can help you fixing it but its important that you fix it BEFORE you join our scrim.