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Wall of Shame data before June 2012? :)

Hodenkobold 2.0

New member
Hey folks!

This may seem like a weird request, but as JFF will be shutting down soon and I always have asked myself this question, here we go:

I have already played on the JFF Cod4 servers between 2010-2012 (approx) and stopped playing in the first half of 2012 because I got banned for using wh (though I have never used any hacks - in fact, I don't even know how to use/ implement hacks). Unfortunately, I did not know that one could post unban requests, so I did just quit Cod4 these days...

Accidentally, I found out many years later, that I could join the servers again and I kept playing and playing and playing...

Now I wonder if there is any data of my ban available (especially video material, I am a bit nostalgic as this community will close its doors forever). I went to the "Wall of Shame", but it seems like the listed bans and the video material only show data from June 2012 onwards. Is there any data from the years/ months before?

Apologies for annoying you guys with this request and many thanks for any help in advance!

Really appreciated! :)