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Time to say good bye!


Lost Soul!
Hello everyone... I guess u all remember me :p
I've spent more than one year with JFF... I can't tell you how i felt when i was recruited. Most happiest moment it was... kinda my dream came true... Everyone here is very friendly, loving and helping! Enjoyed a lot... I made COD n JFF part of my life...

Finally here is the time to say good bye... As my studies is not letting me even login to JFF forum... University stuff, coding classes and other real life stuff... So i don't play COD anymore... even i don't touch my PC except for coding!

I'm gonna miss u all... :'( I've made many frnds here... gonna miss em all! But i need your best wishes for my near future...!
And I still love JFF <3
Thanks for all the Respect you gave me! Never gonna forget.

This is =[JFF]=Lucifer signing off :(


I Love You Guys <3
Man :( . Sorry to see you leave but hope to see you again in the future! :) . Get on with your university and always remember...JFF is not going anywhere :D .


New member
Good luck mate :3 grab ur dede and milk urself till u die :3 idk why i said that but who cares :3
have a good time and do ur best and come back when ur done


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Sad to see this.. I can just say Good luck in Real life and visit us from time to time. See you.


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Good luck in real life MrDevilLord :) Drop in back time to time when you can. Stay safe and may success and goodness find you :)


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Good luck! Drop by when you can :)