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The end of JustForFun


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Hey JFF, Thanks for keeping me company for a lot of years. I started my gaming from COD4 and this server. I wish you guys all the best and thanks to all the JFF guys for keeping these servers on smoothly for so many years!



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Thank you guys for everything over the years. JFF was worth every penny. Thank all of you for the support over the years, I know we all appreciated it. Sad I can’t play until the end, but I hope to see you people around. Even if most of you are d!cks :p

Love you all, you crazy sons of b!tches <3



New member

Thanks what you did for the community. JFF was my switch from a serious war player to a player that only played for fun for another 3 a 4 years.
It was the best time in my cod2 life and i enjoyed every minute of it!

Also JFF was personal for me the best clan/community i ever played in, it was a pleasure to play all with you guys!

Sad to see that the community died, but the memories will always live in us!

Thanks for everything!

Greetings from a very old player :)


Game Admin
Game Admin
yea i see it going to happen huh really sad :( best wishes to all the mates had fun with each and everyone of u it,, thanks to thunder for creating ,maintaining community for a decade ,, everything had its end and good to see that jff is letting go at its peak ,, see yea all!!


never sOber
Game Admin
Dear all,

Better late than nothing huh ? Our little world is closing tomorrow and I dont wanna regret leaving it without saying a few words.
I've been away pretty much since Thunder's announcement... there are various reasons for that, but if I were to give a rather personal one I guess it's because i'm not so good with separations. To make it short, let's say that i'd rather pretend things are not happening rather than dealing with the complex emotions of a separation. Also, I just got in JFF right before it closed and that was saddening. I applied to try and bring something a little too late i guess...
Anyhow, i apologize for being away of forum these last two months.

I was a video game freek from 8 years old up to 18yo pretty much. Mostly console first, then quake 2 and cs1.6... Then, life went on and i travelled a lot and was totally out of gaming for more than ten years.
JFF and cod4 these last three years was my way back into geeking. And I learned much. Thank you all for that.
I'm afraid to name people here, coz I know I might forget some...

Memories ?
First time I used voicechat with @BR3 and @kVN# . My Imac was so shit we had to used an old version of TS. We could not hear burak because of the noise of his fan.
@REM and the countless hours spent together. too much to be told here.
@Vlado and @ElementX and these shameful zombies genocides.
Again, I learned so much from @BR3 .
I did not go to sleep for many many many times without having fun with @kVN# 's unlimited nicknames.
And so many people on server3, u are too many i'm not even gonna try to name y'all. I do hope you will recognize urselves here.

Then, the day @Hybrid made that post about warteam. The day I joined the Discord channel. That day changed my life, my entourage is still amazed of the hours i can spend there ; )
Then, of course, the warteam. @Anna @Uriel @Lyzone @BluFish Masta @KonZone @LittlePip @Perdikos Elko Hertz. So many hours in promod together. So many hours when u guys were patient with me and my noobness. I got to know you, the game, the strats, anything my brain could process. And what I could not process, I was happy to witness.
Fish and Lyzone discord debates.
Masta's laugh.
Konzone's supremacy.
Kvn's always trying to pley with us when nobody was online.
Anna yelling at me again and again when I was in her way.
Uriel not understanding why I could not hear the sounds from the right direction.
Fish ragequits.
Hybrid muffled voice.
Pip not speaking.

I could go on and on but this is going to be too long and nobody will read it. If anyone is already.
I could go on and on but I'm going to forget names, moments and it will be shameful.
I could go and on but this is closing soon and u guys have better things to do than just read my emotive words.

I could go on and on but it does ! On discord !
It's not the same, but it's something.
A sweet parallel life that make the nights brighter.

Thank you @Thunder .

I'm not pretending it's not happening. It is. I'm sad about it. But i'm glad we had what we had.
And fight for what we can have more.

Peace from sOber dOber.


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Warteam Member
When I came into the world of Call Of Duty Multiplayer, this was my first and will always remain the best place I've spent a good amount of my time either relaxing or making sure others had the ability to enjoy when they connected to our servers and communicated on the forums. JFF has been an example of how a community has to be, with its ups and down, yet close knit dedication to the name of 'JustForFun Gaming'. I'm always gonna be in-debt to this community and its members, since being in this community has helped me take steps from my dark days of old and it's honestly heartbreaking to see this have to be a closed chapter. From wars, to random games, fun/laid-back teamspeak conversations, memories are numerous. People have come and gone, yet I have to give @Thunder a salute of honor from my side for his dedication, hardwork and time that had given us this space to come together. It's been a great honor and we and in-debt to your trust placed given to us as a leader of this community.

Words don't do justice, but for the record, I'm gonna miss this community terribly. But please do keep in touch everyone. Discord is the place to be at the moment, so even people like @ElementX will have to join there :p

Hope we meet somewhere in this virtual battlefield once again.

Loads of love and wishing everyone the best for the future


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I’m not exactly sure how I have to process that. I’ll miss JFF a lot!
JustForFun Gaming happened to be a big part of my life. I’m very happy that I was able to be in such a great community!

There are so many awesome people here! Hopefully we all will stay in touch!
I found real friend. People that help someone when they really needed help. People that cared.

Unfortunately I couldn’t play for the last 4 month since I’m on a world trip without a computer that can run CoD4. So yeah.

Thank you for this great community everybody and @Thunder in particular for making this all happen.

I hate goodbyes.



Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
"You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

I realized that I have played very actively in here for the last 4 years. It sounds crazy right now. While life goes on, while the people and things around you are changing, the only thing that didnt change was the nights spent by playing this game. It was good to play with regulars every night. And it was great to be a member of this community.

I want to thank @Thunder for everything he has done for this community through the years, and specifially @ElementX for the amazing effort. And I like to thank @REM and @dOber for being great friends. And @kVN# for bringing fun here, faker :*

And i want to thank to all staf members and regular players for being a part of this community.

It was such a good journey. And now it has come to an end.