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sadMAN[BD] want to join

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Real name :muhammad sadman zubair khan
Ingame name :sadMAN[BD]
Age :16
Country : Bangladesh
Why do you want to join ? :i wanna keep server clean , report for the cheaters and wanna be a part of this great clan
Which games do you play ? :
Which servers do you play on ? :call of duty united offensive
When do you play (time + timezone) ? :mostly at the evening to 12 at night , GMT+6
What can you do to make JFF better ? :being with it, help the admins and also help the players
Download, install and use our Addon (is required!): done
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and use our addon.

Between all the pm's and missing country lines im guessing you just downloaded our addon, and now i have to edit this for the 3rd time. Can you please run the addon and add all jff members as friends so we can know for sure that you did.

Until you do so , your apply isnt valid.
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