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Re-Chamber Cancelling

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What is Re-chamber Cancelling?
Re-chamber Cancelling is the act of cancelling the animation of adding another bullet into the chamber of the bolt action rifles and the pump action shotguns, allowing a faster rate of fire, which is normally not possible.

What does Re-chamber Cancelling look like?

Why is Re-chamber Cancelling forbidden?
Like mentioned above, Re-chamber cancelling allows you to shoot the weapon faster than it's supposed to be able to, and on top of that it's used on weapons that already have high damage on their own. And although it takes some skill to master it, it gives you a considerable advantage over other players, and thus not allowing for a fair game.
Re-chamber Cancelling will be punishable like any other non-cheat related rule breaking > few warnings, a kick or two, temp ban and if necessary a permanent ban.

But what is Reload Cancelling then?
This is a term that might be confused with Re-Chamber Cancelling, but they are two different things. Reload Cancelling is the act of stopping the animation of reloading a weapon just before it ends, thus allowing you to reload without having to wait for the full animation to play out. Unlike Re-chamber Cancelling, this is applied to all weapons, not just bolt action rifles and the pump action shotguns, and it is allowed on our servers.

What does Reload Cancelling look like?
There are two ways to accomplish reload cancelling, one is pressing the sprint button before the animation stops:

The other way is double switching before the animation stops:

So in conclusion, the usage of double switching is allowed on our servers, except when it's used for Re-Chamber Cancelling.

Everything mentioned above applies to CoD:WaW as well ( M1897 Trench Gun and the bolt action rifles ).
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