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Question to the Team about Server Rule #2


New member
Greetings, Team.

I want to discuss one point regarding Rule 2 of the Server Rules, because I didn't find any information about it on the forum. But before I will try to explain the situation. I was born and still live in Russia and my native language is russian. I don't know english langluage well enough for free communication, but I can write simple sentences and I understand more than half of the words people say. I suppose I can say the same about other russian-speaking players. Regarding them (and me) I'll speak below.

I respect all of the members of conversation and I prefer to speak a language that is understandable for them and following the rules this language is english. But may I speak russian if there is only russian-speaking players in chat at the moment? I mean server chat, not a forum threads or anything else. As example, there is a russian guy is online and me, and no other players. May we speak russian in server chat?


Game Admin
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Game Admin
Hello and welcome on forum

Feel free to speak Russian in team-chat or global if you are alone on servers.Nobody will punish you for that

In past,we have problems with langue in servers,because of some “bored” players,we must set that rules

Its bored when server is full,and you read many langue on server.Guys complain and think that others insult him

I hope You got point

Keep enjoy on servers

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