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New Beat on my Youtube, Listen and tell me what u think :D


Holla At Me yeah!
Hey Yo everyone! I just wanna tell you merry christmas.

And happy new year 2019 before its 2019!

I am posting this to say a big THANK YOU!

To all that supported me 2018 it means alot even if you told me bad things about my music or good things about my music, all feedback is welcome even if its the worst one or the best one!

It means alot when you guys just give me 1 wiew, or if u just click and listen to it once or if you just subscribe, I appriciate it very much, i am now on
3 776 wiewhours, and 1244 subscribers, and i need 4000 wiewhours to a new contract for youtube, i would appriciate if you could like just spam listen for the last time before 2019 so i get 4000 :D

I am glad that i have worked with many many talented producers and artists more talented than me :=)

Now lets get to the point!

a big THANKS TO. @ElementX @REM @CmD @Towelie @Anna @Hybrid @kVN# @dOber @The_sky_was_pink @the MINION @RaFaS @<{Arrow}>
@-Ho-Oh- @Nikolic @Blade @Trobon @Hanphagard @Lyzone @OTe @GammaDeltaII @UDieToday @Steve :)

Thanks again and merry christmas and happy new year guys!


New member
technique is actually not bad, it has potential to be nice if not for your terrible mastering. high frequencies are too loud, low frequencies are too quiet. keep going.