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Marwa going for numbers


New member
Hi Guys :D now i have done 1000 posts xD
thats means i got the sixth place on the winners list !
p.s : no one can catch thundy :p be sure about that :p

and this is the list >
1- The first winner is Thunder , first place
2- The second winner, is Virus , in second place
3- The third winner, is Esa , third place
4- The fourth winner, is Needled ,fourth place
5- the fifth Winner , is Anubis fifth place
6- the sixth winner , is Marwan sixth place
--- I wondering Who will be the winner number seven... ( =[JFF]= ? ) !
thank you m8's :D


New member
Gratz mariwani I am gonna try to get nr 7 :p . lets spamm the forum for numbers xD. I now have 570 after this post, and 4.63 post a day. so like 95 days= little bit more then 3 months I got 1000 posts too :p


New member
thank you guys love you all :D
See ! I told you mates , no one can defeat Thunder :p
Thunder !!! is impossible to defeat him xD