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Literally banned for being "too good" for the server lol


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Can anyone join their discord and screencap the conversation? i am now IP banned there aswell without braking any rule.
HybYesterday at 20:58
@[=DW=]Blaze unban pls
[=DW=]BlazeYesterday at 21:10
@Hyb  make appeal please
HybYesterday at 21:14
@[=DW=]Chris Could you please activate my account?
[=DW=]ChrisYesterday at 21:20
HybYesterday at 21:20
This Hall of Shame link only redirects me to the mainpage. Can someone pm me my Ban ID?
[=DW=]ChrisYesterday at 21:27
Sure sec
@Hyb What was your last used nickname/ when did you get banned?
HybYesterday at 21:29
[=DW=]ChrisYesterday at 21:29
You were banned by blaze, proof here

@Hyb Nice scroll fire there
HybYesterday at 21:33
I dont use scrollfire
And yes, i can provide prove for that if you require it
[=DW=]BlazeYesterday at 21:33
ya you did
[=DW=]ChrisYesterday at 21:33
@[=DW=]Blaze Nice catch man
HybYesterday at 21:34
Chris, whould you please let me prove this?
ive played this game for over 7 years
[=DW=]ChrisYesterday at 21:34
Hyb, would you please have a look at your own demo?
ive played this game for over 10 years
HybYesterday at 21:35
Fair enough, anyways i can provide some handcam gameplay or something like that if you like
[=DW=]BlazeYesterday at 21:35
@sajjad12352  actually reported it and it didn't look right
HybYesterday at 21:36
And about wh: ive uploaded the replay already
GeneveYesterday at 22:01
Playing the game with a german calling out airstrikes is weird af
HybYesterday at 22:02
Attachment file type: unknown
875.78 KB
Regarding the scrollfire
GeneveYesterday at 22:04
Would love to see you film that from above as that's fast af
I knew John is fast, but this damn
Harb_Yesterday at 22:05
i think i have a demo for u
HybYesterday at 22:06
should have seen me in my prime. I usually only play CSGO Faceit nowadays
GeneveYesterday at 22:08
Your strafejumps need some work tho :wink:
HybYesterday at 22:08
You mean on this DW server?
The dont use vanilla gravity. Its really hard to get used to
i can do a shitton of bounces but not like this
GeneveYesterday at 22:09
True, I used to be way better
JFF still around?
HybYesterday at 22:10
For 1 month
Its closing, thats why i need new servers
GeneveYesterday at 22:11
Not many good ones out there anymore
Sucks to hear it's closing
HybYesterday at 22:17
But JFF wasnt that good. It took a ton of work to fix some behavoir in the staff
Ive been a member for a year but left
JohnFranclinToday at 10:15
If you shoot faster than myself you are using something
GeneveToday at 10:47
JohnFranclinToday at 11:34
1st That aint faster than me
2nd If you reduce demo replay speed you can tell pretty good that the fire rate is inconsistent, no scroll fire for my taste
Ban reason was wh tho :shrug:
dunno about that aswell :joy:
M.K|K-PAXToday at 12:27
if I could give few words, from that yt video he showed us I do not believe he is using wallhack. all these wallbangs you can clearly see enemy on radar, or sound and are common wall spots
Harb_Today at 13:52
Me either I don't think he is hacking the demo is weak, I was suspicious  about him also two days ago and I watched him playing but didn't notice anything wrong.. so that why I did not record a demo tho, I thought I did.. one more thing in the demo he was dying by people that next to him, if he is using wh he would have known where are they.. anyway maybe I don't have enough experience with wh
HybToday at 14:58
i mean, its a replay. You can see the lagometer and other stuff that is not saved in demo files. If i used wh you could see it in the video.
[ALAF] F14n$1|_ has joined the battle bus.Today at 16:05
GeneveToday at 17:50
Easy wallbangs indeed, I use them often and get called a hacker quite often. Keeping an eye on the radar and listen to sound is what most people do not do when playing games
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 18:34
@sajjad12352 said he was sure but to me it didn’t look like it
My opinion is that was a mistake sorry
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:03
@Hyb, if you want a gun in COD4 with that kind of rate of fire, go with assault rifles next time
this gives you an unfair advantage, hacks, scripts or techniques, i don't care
responded to your forum post too
HybToday at 19:04
every skill give you an advantage
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:04
the .50cal is meant to be single shot
not automatic
any way or form of changing this concept is not skill
its manipulation of mechanics
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:05
HybToday at 19:05
So you are going to ban JohnFranclin and Geneve aswell?
if they use deagle
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:05
Hyb, i strongly suggest you accept my advice, or im banning your from this discord aswell
or, if you are to accuse members, pls provide sufficient proof
HybToday at 19:06
They said themselves that they shoot at this speed
Not my words
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:06
proof or it didnt happen
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:06
Sajjed still thinks he is because the way he hit the walls
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:07
I just drank my coffee, I bought it 4 hours ago, nice and cold
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:08
@[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi. , what a way to change subjects :smile:
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:09
Nope I just finished it

GeneveToday at 19:09
That monitor :monkaBruh:
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:10
It's a classic
colorzToday at 19:10
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:10
And also it's my secondary
HybToday at 19:10
i am very disappointed with your decision. This is on 1 level with the FF clan who ban anyone just for being good at the game, even if you proof that its not cheating. They are open about this. Even the uG clan does this. My friend proved them that its not aimbot but and they admitted its clean but did not unban him because it upsets the playerbase.
Is there any rules that state this on your Forum?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:11
@Hyb, i only state that i do not ban or unban without proof
GeneveToday at 19:11
He did submit proof the other day
If I may speak or defend
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:13
i saw the proof provided with the ban, and decided that it was indeed giving you an unfair advantage. I still did not see any proof of the members/players you accused. If you post this, then we can discuss, otherwise, I'm asking you to accept defeat and cry somewhere else. If you do not get this and post one more message that does not comply with my instructions here, i will show you the way out of this discord, got it?
@Geneve , sure man, speak!
HybToday at 19:14
"making the deagle shoot faster than its supposed to shoot" is completely subjective and makes alot of room for abuse. What rate of fire is legit and what isnt? like 7-10 per sec or 10-12? where is the limit?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:14
GeneveToday at 19:15
I do not know about the wh part, but I doubt he was using any script or binds. I've seen John shoot and this was not even close to what John can do
But who am I to judge; I'm sure you do not ban without no reason. Gg to him
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:16
its the same thing tho
did you see the proof?
that rate of fire is too fast
GeneveToday at 19:16
I believe Chris posted it yesterday when he joined the disc
Is there more?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:16
he got banned, and didn't stop when i asked him too
posted it on his ban appeal on forums
GeneveToday at 19:17
Imma watch the others demos :smiley:
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:17
he's even openly talking about it in his chat history
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:17
others should really try 4 hour old coffee
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:17
you mean iced coffee?
GeneveToday at 19:17
I rather buy myself a ice coffee HAHA
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:18
nope just a coffee that has been sat on the side for 4 hours
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:18
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:26
Hmmm on a nice hot summers day, frittes, iced coffee and a chocolate waffle dessert
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:27
sounds like heaven
GeneveToday at 19:27
Did someone ping me?
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:27
I said frittes?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:27
i did, to ask you to elaborate, but its okay
its done, its all over now
i'm just done with these crybabies
GeneveToday at 19:28
Ah yeah now I see
I always forget there's this thing

[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:29
just use it god damn it, for the love of everything holy! :smile:
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:30
I’m not a crybaby lol
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:30
i was talking about that guy
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:31
You said with a s lol
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:32
well i meant people like him, but i guess it wasn't that clear :smile:
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:32
So no unban?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:32
hell no
Harb_Today at 19:32
So when i see someone shoots fast i report him?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:33
Chris also kindof denied his unban request here so there's that
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:33
Ok problem solved my ban was right :joy:
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:33
yes, but with a demo pls
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:33
I cried, when I forgot to drink my coffee this morning before I went to work
Harb_Today at 19:33
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:34
most weapons used are DEagle, G3 and the automatic snipers
or any kind of pistol for that matter
Harb_Today at 19:34
What kind of hacking is this?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:34
it's not really hacking
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:34
Scroll fire
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:35
sometimes its a script, sometimes they just bind their scroll, sometimes its just insane clicking
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:35
[=DW=] M4N1C - leit að lífi.Today at 19:35
well its Been© deal't with
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:35
I see what you did there
[=DW=]BlazeToday at 19:36
Lol I blazed him
Harb_Today at 19:36
Okay but why, if nothing external is happening, i should not shoot that fast with a pistol?
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:36
because its not meant too
if you just run around with a pistol in HC... then why are there AR's
Harb_Today at 19:37
Ah I see
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:37
wait, i can give you a clear example
Harb_Today at 19:38
I saw him/ other players do that
[=DW=]BeenhouwerToday at 19:38
(see pm)
Harb_Today at 19:38
Its annoying i know


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Patting each other on the back that the "wh" ban was correct after all. "Blazed him"
And i never got any warning while playing on the server but the ban stays even without cheats.


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Post your clicking vid you posted 2017/2018 here on their forums maybe??