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=[JFF]=Rebellious in amman now xD

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=[JFF]=Members Meeting In RL
Kenny , Marwan and ReBellious in Amman, Jordan
As you know, ReBellious has come on a visit to Amman to his relatives
And certainly we meet together in real life in amman city :D We have been very happy for this meeting and for sure we enjoyed a lot last night :p

Regards to you JFF community
Kenny , Marwan , ReBel ^^


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EsaPetteri said:
woooow nice....[hr]
and yea waterpipe tobacco....Mmm...what flavor?

thank you Esa :D It's apple flavor Hmm i love it xD
come to jordan I invite you to the waterpipe haha :p i know that you like it :D


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Awesome pics guys \o/
K3nny my gangsta :p
Marwan looking like a Young man in mid 20's xD :D, Rebellious looks like a man on a mission xD :D

btw nice Sheesha there xD :D :p


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Nice to see JFF even inproves our RL lifes... And seriously, I ROFLt hard when I saw them with the waterpipe haha I immediately saw it. One question, are you guys called gangsta's there, looks awesome :p wheres the thommy gun? :p


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Nice Guys :) And i have question, who was fourth person, who was making that picture? Peace! :D
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