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=[JFF]=Marwan leaving justforfun community !


New member
hi mates i wanna inform you that i have to leave my great clan to another clan don't worry mates i will never forget you my brothers cuz i have to play with you some times on jff servers visiting the forums from time to time and say hellow mates sharing some reallife issues ... etc .

but in the first i wanna thank thunder for Accepted me on his great jff clan so guys please don't bother him with Some ridiculous things ! he is a great clan founder and polit guy with his members/ admins so as an others ppl's.

Esa > i am sorry and be sure that i loved ya sir , i have to leave jff community cuz i don't wanna be any Troubles happened Between one of you guys with some one else because of me .

good bye my best friends , mackk ,provo, lixy , sonicia ,surv ,needled ,Kenpachi , SiLenCer ,mak , x-soul ,DaSerpent,fuga ,Radipo , dabeast ,syd , All of you mates .

keep the good work ^^ take care your great community/servers

good bye .. :')


New member
Ahwwww sad news Marwan ;(, you were so awesome and helfull! I wanna thank you for all your banned for me and you helped me so much :D Thanx soo much! I will never forget you, and ofcourse we talk soon! :D

Take care Marwan!


New member
marwan no :'( u was siuh a good teacher for me:) but its ur choice, and I wish u best luck with this! hope to play again with u:), keep in touch, my xfire is always on:)


New member
Will surely miss you Marwan! I wonder who will you pass your "oldest" member title to now ;p


Active member
Nooooooooooo marwy dont leave us :( Sad radi now :( You are one of the best guy in this community !


New member
its really sad to hear that marwan we need guys like u man u were a good guy and always helpful :n


New member
oh no. Marwan is really good man. He was one of the best JFFs and the guy who helps me a lot. I will not forget you man. You done your job very well. Good luck there!


Retarded Admin
Staff member
Retired Admin
The world is going to end... I don't believe in this information, I CANNOT! This clan without you won't be such great, as it is. Marwan, please, re-think your decision! Very, very sad news...


New member
Marwy thanks for everything mate :) u were one of best guys in this community :'(

be in touch m8 and good luck in ur real life


Slaps you silly
I vote we don't let him go :p. Anyway, If you are really set to go(would like to get the real reason IN DETAILS :p), I would like that you stay as a member, at least in a hang around group. Still... this is like a BIG BIG surprise, especially the reason.


this is some serious bullshit! cmon man you can leave, you are like my dad ingame :) you always take care of me, ban the bad guyz i told you to, and so on, you cant leave man :( its just not correct, but we all love ya man <3 :*


New member
WTH? Why this all of a sudden ? :O
Marwan if you got some problems in real life take a break buddy, no need to leave... You are one of the best member's in our CoD4 section and Community. Would be a shame to see you go.
Why Why ... ???
I Want some answers please. We can try out some other way if you want.
I Would say pls pls review your decision. :n


Winter has come.
I already knew this crazy idea... but I never thought you would have done it :O
Why? ... :( I lost my favourite banrighted :') Good luck Marwan and take care! :D Don't forget to play on our servers sometimes!!