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CAR Druglord

Random Dude
I guess, it would be polite to introduce myself.

Im Druglord (aka Red Mist by my newer alias but most know as Druglord)
Currently 19 years old student, love playing CoD4 (Played JFF first time in around 2010/11 I believe, but lately I've been busy with mods developement for Xenia-Gaming and Casual At Racing communities aswell as my personal things). Trusted person by many other call of duty clans and communities (Few named Ninja Kill the King, Vistic, Night Knights, PWDF).
Nothing much else really. Got any questions, write a reply.

If you need to contact me -

Teamspeak 3 - ( Druglord ツ )
Discord - @RED Mist#0414
CFGFactory -