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Introducing myself


Lebanese & Proud!
Hey JFF members
I am Charbel Elia from lebanon
I play cod4 and i am applying to join the community and meet new friends and colleagues and to get to know the community better and more. Thanks
i was not accepted to join the community but I will not despair and I will continue to exercise my duties in the game and I will try to improve my mistakes and actions in the hope to join the community fully prepared


Lebanese & Proud!
Mr.elementx i hope Please focus on this account because this is the true one and the most played account and favorite one. Thanks


Retired Admin
Warteam Member
Dear Mr. Charbel,
I would like to suggest that you refrain from double posting. Posting more then one messages after another is considered spam. Please be so kind as to put all your answers into ONE post.

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely