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Insulted by Admin


New member
1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker?: [JFF] akkord

2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.): Insulting

3.Server?: Jff Server 3

4.Proof?(demo, screenshot): added as Attach file

5.Time and date on which you recorded the demo 10/2/2019 approx 19:30

I just want to point out i was kicked 2 times for telling him "nuub" and as well "uselles" (that's how i spelled in chat) if this is considered as "insult" then i want same treatments even worse for saying me "noob"


Game Admin
Game Admin
No attached files! Now to your words to a member of JFF! First of all you should always show respect to anyone with JFF tag! Why you ask? Well, members of the JFF family (YES family) are here to provide you guys, a cool and nice plays to play! That does not mean we are here to listen to your whining, your crying or your salty comments! If you think someone is cheating (I presume you were accusing someone of cheating) you make a demo and you put it on forum here, for members to decide if you are right or wrong! And that goes even if there is an admin on server, and he does not ban anyone! He/She has his/hers reasons for not banning someone, and that reason in 99,9% percent of cases is that reported player does not cheat! And in that case, there is no way in hell you should start talking down and insulting a member! You have no right to do that! If you would call me a noob a couple of times, you would get kicked! But if you would call me "useless" you would get a couple od chill days (that means a temporary ban) There are rules you have to follow, this is not a democracy, if you are looking for a place where an admin will ban any player that you think is cheating, well JFF servers are not that place! From what I can see, you are not banned from playing on our servers at the moment, but i would choose your next words very carefully! I am sure that @Akkordmef will reply to you as soon as he can, and if you provide a demo of your so called insulting done by an admin, other members will reply to you as well, but until then, we can not talk about anything!


Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac
Game Admin
Warteam Member
Here the chatlog.
As your profile shows you are 33? I doesn't seem so. You act like twelve year old kid.

Like on every server we have rules.
You can use !report to report players, can make demo and post them on forums and we proof if there is anything or if member/admin is on server you can ask if he can proof it. But not like this.

Cheers *drop mic*



Game Admin
Admins who abuse their powa will be punished! Can't even say that with a straight face (fat jiggles as he laughs)

no matter how much one admin is useless or how big of a nab he is > he should always be treated with a dose of restraint, cause you never know if he can kick or ban you. And i do not say Akko is any of those things, he is there on the server every single day making this virtual world a better place, unlike so many of us now. I would rather have one abusive Akkord on the server than 5 *ahem* cmds *ahem* oh their damn smart phone *AHEM*.

One Please goes much further than bunch of useless.


Game Admin
Game Admin
First to @True.north
Your right - i feel like family here, and thats just well.
thx to @ElementX I would also prefer to be there only once. everything else would overwhelm me xD

now to you @RB26DETT
Before you started crying, i already recorded a demo.
Before you called me a noob, i already entered the ip from the Wallhacker.
The first kick should bring you down, giving you time to think about whether it really has to be an admin call a noob.

before you called me useless the wallhack was already banned. You re lucky that i m not always banned so fast, otherwise you would have a tree day break right now. If your not able to calm down in a game, have fun and play - take a break or a snickers.

An Admin who does his "work" is never (and i shout NEVER) useless or noob.
Consider this a final warning to offend an admin.

btw: thx to my family :)