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I'm Withdrawing


Retired Admin
The time has come for me to resign from Section Leader and the Admin team. It was a lot of fun chatting with you guys at the meetings and I will miss it. Thanks @Thunder and @Gianni for having me on the team. I guess this would put me down to the Blue ranks of "Ban-righted" (Been a while guys).

Most of you probably want to know why (or are happy to see this), and let me explain it like this:

This job is not what it is cracked up to be. It is not just an extra level that allows you to get new commands. The admin positions (and member positions too) are annoying and tiring especially if you just want to play a game or to. People expect you to be up to date with all the things they want (rots, new modes, and etc). I didn't really keep up with my job of doing this. I always had a Green Admin who was passionate enough to always do it before I did. Now since I didn't do my job I just tried to keep the forum from falling into chaos and voicing my opinion when I felt necessary.

However, I simply no longer have the desire to play Cod5 (like at all). This was my favorite Call of Duty and probably my most played game ever. But that era ended and it won't be the same as it once was. My main problem with this community is the fact that we are forced to be in a single category. As a Gaming clan I feel it should'nt be restricted to one game. (I don't mind the system we have now, I will expand on this in one sec). Most members who are kicked from JustForFun are burned out on Cod. They want to play another game, but can't since they have to play the game they signed up for. So most members just go AFK and never return. For some the kicking of those members is fine and they don't care as long as they can move up to take there spots of KRs or BRs.

I do hope whom ever takes my position or spot on the admin team stays active for many years. But I know you won't. It would be a disservice if you said you would. No one can stay active forever, and when reaching the admin spot a lot of the motivation drains away. Well at least that is what happened to me. This sounds terrible, like how can you not be excited to make it this far? Guys I can't explain it, it just wears you out. This thread was a long time coming as I have hinted at it with multiple members and posts.

Now with the new "playing requirement." I guess you will have to kick me, since I will state it now, I'm not playing anymore cod. I don't have any interest in it except the occasional game (When I say "occasional" that doesn't equal 4 hours a month). With my free time i tend to play CS-GO with my friends or I spend my time being as social as possible.

I hope some of you stop seeing in such a narrow vision, but open your eyes to beyond what we have set in this Gaming Community.

"I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone"
"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me"​


PS: Since some of you won't read all of this, I'm not leaving I'm just going back to Ban-righted or member (What ever would fit better). However, most likely I will be leaving or kicked after a little time.


Game Admin
I read everything and you got it, heart attack 2.0.
I think you still do a great job. Unless you don't play that much and join ocasionaly and sometimes on our request.
And don't push that leave button, don't make me sad :(


Game Admin
Game Admin
Always saying how it is that's what I liked about you!

Already miss our random cod4 maps where you pop out in server 2. Hope we still stay comrades in this community :)


Game Admin
thats a nice speech u had there Sea, i would hit like but it might be considered like im liking that ur stepping down , which i do not. Now, i really wished u talked to us ( on am ) first. Cause this whole thing about u going br is pointless , like , dont u think you would do more for jff on am's then approving bans on addon ? So, would u kindly, cut the crap till we have a little talk on am and sort this all out in way that benefits all of us. But you did raised a good point which is best left for am. Just wait for next am...


Slaps you silly
Been there Serpent, doesn't have anything to do with admin status, you just get fed up over time due to playing one thing constantly. Nobody is making you play just cod5, like anyone. Yes we have applied for a certain game, but that doesn't make you play only that. The community would rather have you play whatever, even rarely, than leave. Dunno how long you've been absent in the game, but if it wasn't that long, take some time off. Hell, I was constantly active for around 4 years, and last year almost nothing, and now I've started playing again, and I was very close to writing a dear John letter(still on the edge) due to community not having any use of me, felt like I was just taking space. Its a shame we are not able to get more games running, but that has almost nothing to do with us, the problem is there are not many games we can run(I guess). It's always a shame to lose an oldie, so I hope you will work something out. If you don't, I wish you all the best, and hope you will stop by in the future.


New member
life is going on as it never ends..watever good luck mate in ur life u r one of the most polite people i met here in JFF :)