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Hi guys


The Nabster
As u might already know i left community and didn't feel the need to make big deal out of it so i didn't make a thread, and after ppl pm me i decided to do so. After all guess i should make a proper goodbye.

I had thoughts about leaving for quite a while now but guess i was to big of a coward to do so. Like i sad earlier i got tiered of ppl leaving and most guys cause of whom i joined this community are gone in some way. Cant find my use here anymore, not much to give or take. Not trilled for cod anymore and playing have become just a bad habit of mine which takes me to much free time. There's also college and real life problems taking its toll on me.

Want to thank u all for allowing me the privilege to be part of this community and hope it will be here in years to come. Had great 1 year ride which i wont forget. If u need something u can find my Skype account.

Erwin signing out
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Wtf.... Just wtf... U made an strong man cry dude.... :(
anyway good luck in real life
Appreciate ur work and time here... hope u keep ur ass in our servers....


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=.= not going to say goodbye to you ^^ see you when I see you :) take care and rock that history <3

//Edit: Still mad :3


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Nice to see a goodbye from you now. :) Stay safe and good luck in real life!


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Glad to see an official announcement to your JFF folk :) Take care with real life stuff, see you in-game ;)

Gr1m Reaper

Acta non verba
Respect regained for you mate. Enjoy your rl and stay out of trouble, do well in college and be happy. See you around maybe :)