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Happy birthday skippy


Sorry for a lil late reply but anyway ;)
Thanks for greatings ;)
Want to explain you a few words. Dunno make a thread so decided to write here.
First of all - yea i left. Didnt had any time to explain why and so on so just pressed want to leave button and Ponnies didnt catched me ;( Only reason - no time. I thought thats a short time problems but its not. It was hard to see how i was demoted and didnt want to be kicked out so decided to leave. Hope if I will have more time in future ill be back xD Its a great community and i had a lot of fun here playing and speaking TS.

So what happened (if someone cares). Told you I divorthed. Couldnt live in my own house with dat woman so i moved to Madrid (Spain). Lived there few month and was kinda happy. But still i had my own business at home (my own workshop) and my raletives said that my kids are not ok. So i came back. My house was almost all crushed inside. My ex wife decided to revenge me so did it special. But she still was living in that house in all that garbage with my kids.
Started a loooong way to kick her out. And I did it, now im repearing my house. One problem - want my kids live with me but court decided another. Hope they will make their own decigion.
So now im repearing my house, working hard to get money for that, have 2 jobs and no time at all, cuz all my free time now im spending with a girl i found and now I have serious plans for her. Our photo btw ;) So have no time to play. But sometimes Im checking forum so im around ;) Hope things will change soon and Ill have more time for fun ;)

Yours Skippy ;)