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Happy Birthday Hyde!!


Game Admin
Game Admin
You got a dedicated selfie today, never did thaz before :p

Happy bday bro and best wishes ;)


2013's stuff
ty guys.
@IedU you wrote last year " pizza boy " well that's funny cuz i work at pizza store :D ( and in the army at the same time..)

got 80$ ( 300 shekels ) for alcohol which will be enough for 2~3 van gogh's bottle :)

got free pizza as well :)
(love this shirt.)

all i asked for is 30$ for van gogh.
so a year has been passed ^
1.still work at the same pizza store ( 6 times a week ) 80$ for jack daniels honey this year ( tbh its ok but i pref something stonger)
3.never wore that shirt. not even once!

will write my self few things for next year: alot the fking tattoo you mother fker !! its about timeeeeeeeeeee
3. buy another van gogh.

keep being awesome <3 ( i do kiss my self if i could)


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Happy birthday sexy!