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Happy Birthday Hyde!!


Well, I wanted to take this moment to wish all the best to my main man - Hyde aka Love2PeeP aka Hida aka Gezer aka Aviv :D

Happy birthday bro and wish you all the best, lots of women, success and many more years in JFF!

Everyone, Feel him.

Sincerely, Spoon <3


2013's stuff
soon,I will be JFF's member for a year.
I never felt belong to any place. Never was that kind of guy, that trys to find alot of frineds.
but here,at JFF? thats all i ever wanted. from the first moment i wanted to be a proud JFF. and that what happened before 1 year. and here I am, still here.
From the beginning I felt something good about JFF, something different. So yes, i was 13 years old when i started to play at JFF's servers. I was dumb and very childish.
it toke me 2 years to become a JFF member. since January's 2011 to July's 2013. and iam so fucking happy that it toke me 2 years. in that time, i learned so much from the "old" guys. you guys taught me how to be Patient, and how to be more mature. I can totally say that JFF changed my life.
I am a man now. Not a dumb 13 years old any more.
with you,with my big JFF Family i growed up, and i will grow up more.
the point of thise spam is for one thing - to say a big THANKS for every one who was there for me ! at the good times, and in the bad.
so, happy 17's birthday to me


The legend has retired!
What special day for a special person ;) all i can say is happy birthday my love and i wish you all the best <3


Troll master trolled by Admins
Look at our kiddo geting old :)) Not much to say Avivish, I wish u all best and may this be a special day for you!! Eat a loot of pizza :D Happy b-day PeeperAvivHyde :*

P.S. gezeeeeeeeerrrrrr xD


New member
Hmmm never too late!

Happy Bday Kiddo, glad to see what you wrote, soon u gonna eat some shit for 3 years and become even more man! I know you really want it so I wish you to get what you aim for and to pass it in the best way (which still is not that close) possible.

Mazal Tov Gever!!!

Love daddy

(Anubis in case it passed in ur mind i can share that gay love with u as well)

Ori change that sign. I cant handle it xD


Winter has come.
I feel you Hyde, I feel you :p
Happy birthday Man :D

// Shuji, you meant "Mazal Tov GeZer!!!" right? xD


2013's stuff
I feel you Hyde, I feel you :p
Happy birthday Man :D

// Shuji, you meant "Mazal Tov GeZer!!!" right? xD
hahahahahha "Gever" means - Man

tnx every one. had great day, at the morning with my family, and at night with 3 girls ( not what you think :p ) and a pizza. I don't need more then that.