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Guess who's back, back again


Very anti-fish
Hey guys :D

So I got scolded that I came back without a hello post, so here it is !
I'm finishing my exams next week, and I figured I try playing some COD again since I've got a new pc and all, but I'll need some help of our magicians to figure some stuff out, because I tried logging in one of the servers, but it kept putting me in another server wich I didn't like (FFA with like 50 players, long live the spawn kill -_-) , although I clearly selected JFF 1 .
If anyone has had any problems with their favorite server list not showing up, and has managed to solve the problem, please tell me here because I'm getting that as well.
Maybe COD doesn't want me to come back :(

Hope everyone has been doing well, and I hope to see you soon !


Game Admin
nope, no ban, or any attempt of this ip you have now ever connecting on our servers, go check admin cp and write down ips, maybe u are trying to connect with ur tag, or u found some other jff servers


Very anti-fish
I've been very busy since I last showed up, first it was working in the family business, but since March I have moved back to the Netherlands on my own , so I've been busy with working to pay for rent, and recently started a traineeship which takes up a lot of time, but I'm almost a strong independant young man ;)
In my spare time I have been playing a lot of OW and League , since my Cod4 still doesnt work on my pc, and I only use my laptop for work, but i got nostalgic the other day so came to have a look on the forums :D