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General Guide To Cheater Reporting

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Guide to Request a Ban on Cheaters and Rule Breakers
Welcome to the Ban Request Guide. By following this guide, you can learn when to make a ban request, how to make a proper request form and how to make the right proof. Before posting anything, please read the sections carefully, follow the steps below and take a look at the example forms.

1. When should you post a ban request thread?

If someone is breaking the rules, we suggest that you use !report command in-game [!report name reason], just type it in public or better yet in team chat (example: !report JustLove Wallhack), or you can contact a JFF member on the server, it's always faster to ask for help. You can also use our addon to contact other members (download here) or you can join our Discord Channel (or refresh the forum page until you see the "connect" link). If there is nobody online or you don't get any response to your reports, then it is time to post a ban request on the forum.

2. Making the proper Ban Request thread

This is the Ban Request Form. You should copy the form, paste it in your new thread and answer it. Then, if you want to add anything, you can add it in the end.
1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker?

2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.)


4.Proof?(demo, screenshot)

5.Time and date on which you recorded the demo

You can see the example of a proper ban request thread below.


You should choose the right prefix(1)
Give it a good title(2)
Fill out the form like in the example(3).

3. How to get proof

You need to provide a proof of your ban request thread. The proof is either a screenshot or a demo. Screenshots are enough when you want to report somebody for glitching, insulting, non-English, Koncept etc. To prove cheats like wallhack, no recoil or aimbot, you need to record a demo. You can record a demo with /record demoname, /stoprecord commands in the game console. You can use the CoD4Player and CoD5Player to play your demos. Download CoD4Player, CoD5Player

Tips for recording the perfect demo

1.Avoid staying in spec while recording a demo
Stay on the same team with the person you are recording. To do that, choose the team and before choosing weapon class, press ESC. This way you can be on the same team with that person and we can see when he has UAV.

2.Name your demo well
Demo names should be something like this: name_number. You should type the name of the guy you record so you can easily find your demo in the folder. Also, you should add a number to the end of the name of the demo because you might need to record the same guy multiple times (for example: playerName_1, playerName_2, playerName_3 etc). Writing the same name again will overwrite the older demo!

3.Keep your demo size around 2mb please!
Demos should not be too long. If you suspect someone has wallhack, you should try to keep your demo around 2mb tops. When your demo reaches 2mb, you simply /stoprecord and /record another one. When you /stoprecord and record a new demo, you can just give it a new number (respectively) to keep your demos in order. Ideal demo size for aimbot and no recoil should not go over 1mb, its an easy cheat to prove and few kills are more than enough (5,6 just to be sure).

4. How to upload proof

You can find your demos by going to the demos folder directly, which is usually located in one of these locations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos
C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Moder Warfare\main
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\main\demos

If you can't find the AppData folder than it's probably hidden. To be able to view hidden files, go to your folder options and check "Show hidden files" option. Also, first you need to create the demo in-game to create the demo folder, so do not be surprised if you do not see those folders at first!

After you find your demos, go to JustForJunk to upload them. JustForJunk should automatically create a folder with your own name, if it doesn't, simply use your forum name and password to create it. After that, you can upload your proof in that folder. First, open the folder with your name on it, then click "Add files" and you can simply add your demos there or you can just drag and drop your demos inside the pop-up. Now click on "Start" to upload the demos. Then after the demo is finished uploading you should hover your mouse pointer over that demo, right click on the demo and select "Copy link address". Paste that link address in ban request form.

All the bans can be seen on the Wall of Shame for CoDUO, CoD2, CoD4 and CoD5. You must be logged in to see it and you need to set results per page to a certain number to see the list of banned IPs/players and all the reporters. If your ban request is approved > this is where you upload the proof you made.

You are Done with the basic guide to cheater reporting!
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A Complete Guide To Making A Proper Ban Request

As we all know, multiplayer games are not always just about fun, sometimes we get a player who decides to break the rules of fair play. He/she might be using a cheat, he/she might be glitching, insulting, spamming, team-nading, unbalancing, or they just went Away From Keyboard - AFK ( please don't make a ban request for this :) ). In order to restore the fun on the server, here is a complete guide on how to make a report in-game, how to make a proper proof for each offense and how to upload that proof in proper sections of the forum. This guide is for the players who are completely new to the whole cheater reporting and maybe for those who might want to learn something new.

About Reports
You are playing on the JFF server and you saw someone breaking the rules. There are a lot of different rules (link, click on it) and also different situations that may require some special methods to get a response from JFF members. Here is how you make a proper report in almost all known situations!

To make a basic report, all you need is to identify the rule being broken and the name of the rule breaker. Now simply press T, or even better, Y for team chat and type this command:

!report name reason and hit enter. Example: !report DirtyCheater Wallhack

!calladmin has the same function as !report command, it's up to you to pick the one you prefer

!calladmin name reason

Note: user and reason must be specified, otherwise it doesn't work!

If you were successful, you will get this response from our Addon rcon: User has been reported and Your report has been reported to X people! X is the number of online members on Addon who may or may NOT respond to your report!


Now, to make our lives easier, the !report command does not require the full name of the rule breaker (DirtyCheater) and it does not require the full name of the rule/cheat. For the name, you can use just a few letters like dir or rty or cheater or any section of the name and for the reason you can just put wh, aim, glitch, multi etc. If you use the section of the name that might match another name or there might be 2 players with the same name you may get this message: user X found 2 times. In this case, you may need to add more letters or if there are 2 players with the same name you may need to use a different type of report. In this case it's best to report yourself using the rule breakers name as a reason:

!report yourname DirtyCheater has wh, do not ban me!

This form of report can also be used in case of a NameChanger. NameChanger is a cheat used to automatically take names of other players on the server in order to avoid reports while they use something like aimbot, multihack etc. Again, you just report yourself and put a namechanger as a reason. Members will know what to do and you should be safe. To spot a namechanger, just look at the bottom left corner of your screen and you will see a lot of playerThis renamed to playerThat or hold TAB or F4 to see it on the scoreboard.

!report yourname namechanger on the server

The same type of reports can be used for players with strange and not so easy to type names such as: ÁÅÍÄ , çðçðæèð, IIIIIII, IOLILII;

!report yourname guy with a funny/strange name has aim

Please DO NOT spam reports, if someone already made one, there is no need for you to do the same, members can already be on the server undercover making a proof and working to ban that rule breaker. If few minutes have passed and nothing happened, then you can either make a new report, try to find a member on Addon, or make a proof of your own and post it on our forum. Also, please be sure when reporting someone, go to spectator mode and have a closer look at the player you are planning to report, spamming false reports is also against our rules.

If you decide to make a Ban Request, there are few things that might help us a lot (these are optional):

- While you are still on our server recording someone, type this command !time, this will tell us the exact time demo was made and the time suspect was on the server.

- Once you login to our forum, go to either AdminCP or directly to Servers list, select the server suspect is playing on and try to find his IP range (this is very useful for namechangers, cid's or players with funny names).

Server List.jpg

When you have selected the wanted server, you will see Server Information, Server Chat, Kill Feed and under it Players list.


In the Players list, you can see the team someone is in (1), his name (2) and the wanted IP range we can really use (3), just copy that range and paste it in your ban request form. If there is a namechanger on the server, watch for the player that changes his name and take his IP range (marked red). His score (4) or ping (5) might help you detect him.


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About Demos
Demos are files made in-game by the game itself. It's a recording of someones gameplay that can be replayed by anyone who has the same game. The good thing about a demo is its small size and that is why we use it as a proof of cheat instead of YouTube videos.

How To Make A Demo

You need to set an option in your game to be able to record demos. Open your game, go to options menu and in Game Options you will find Enable Console option, set it to Yes. Console enables you to change various game settings while you are playing, but in this case it will also enable you to start and stop your demo recording. Console key (~) is located under ESC key, left before key 1 and above your TAB key.

There are two ways to record a demo:

First one is to type the command to record a demo. Open console by pressing the console key and type this command:

/record demoname and hit enter. Example: /record DirtyCheater

If you did the record command properly, you will see in the bottom left corner of your screen RECORDING DirtyCheater and the size of the demo. You can now close the console so you can again have control of your keyboard. To stop recording, open console again and type /stoprecord (hit enter).

The RECORDING DirtyCheater should be gone now, meaning that you successfully made a demo. In case you want to record another demo, use the same command, but put a number after the name (/record DirtyCheater02 or /record DirtyCheater_2). If you start to record a demo with the same name as the previous one, you will overwrite that first demo.

There is a possible mistake that may prevent you from recording a demo. Once you open console, you should always hit the backspace (delete) key to remove the missing square characters that appear invisible until you start to type, if you do not delete them and you hit enter > your command will appear as a chat (situation 1 on the picture below). Situation 2 shows you the successful execution of the recording command. Do NOT forget to type this symbol / , without it, your commands will not work!


Another way to make a demo is to bind a key. Open the console and type this command:

/bind key record

and to stop recording type this command:

/bind key stoprecord

Example: /bind F5 record and /bind F6 stoprecord

By pressing F5 you will start to record a demo and by pressing F6 you will stop recording it, it's that simple. The use of binds will make a demo named demo0000 and every next demo will be named demo0001, demo0002 and so on, just make sure to rename them so you know which one is which (after you are done recording). You can bind any key you want , as long as it's not used in game settings. This key bind is permanent and will work every time you are in the game (you do not have to use console again), and you do not have to worry about overwriting demos using this method. If you delete any demo in the list of demos, let's say you delete demo0002, any new demo you make will take its place/name.

When you recorded your first demo, you also created the demos folder in which all the demos are saved. Some folders may be hidden and in order to see them, you will have to enable the option. Go to Control Panel/Folder Options, in the folder options window go to View, and in Advanced Settings find and select the option to Show hidden files, folders and drives, hit ok.


Main demo locations are:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos
C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Moder Warfare\main
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\main\demos



If you can not find your demos in any of these locations, use a unique name to create a new demo, then simply use your system search option to find that name. Folder in which that demo is located is your default demo folder, make a shortcut on your desktop for easy access. If you are playing on a modded server, demos and screenshots will not be recorded in your default folder. Instead, they will be recorded here Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods. Just pick a mod you played on and look inside that folder.

Demos are used for proving: aimbot, wallhack, multihack (wallhack and no recoil), no recoil, team nading, rapid fire, aim assist and possibly unbalancing.

For insults, glitching, non-English, elevators and koncept, it's best to use screenshots. F12 is the default key, but you can always change that in your game settings or add another key. Location of the screenshots folder in CoD4 is always in the same folder where your demos folder is, even in the mods folder. In CoD5 it's located here:

Small note > If you want to record someone in CoD4, find that player once and just keep recording him, anytime that player dies, the game will automatically return to spectating that same player. This is true in all mods except in Search And Destroy, or when a team wins a round in Sabotage. In CoD5, when a player dies and he doesn't hit F to respawn fast enough or maybe he has a spawn penalty, you will have to look for that player yourself. One more thing you might have to do in CoD5 is to set a Spectator View Mode option (key to switch between first person and third person view). Go to main menu of your CoD5 game, select Options And Controls/Controls/Multiplayer Controls/Spectator View Mode and pick a key like M, or any key that is not in use by game settings or controls.

How To Play A Demo

The basic and default way to play a demo is to use the game itself. Run your game and then open the console in the main menu (make sure you don't have invisible square characters in your command line) and type this command:

/demo demoname and hit enter. Example /demo DirtyCheater

The game will then load the map demo was made in and play your demo. Once the demo is over you will find yourself in the main menu again, but if you want to end the demo before it runs over, type this command in the console:


CoD5 will play all the demos from the same demos folder they were made in, unless the demos were made in the modded server, in that case, you need to find the mods folder and copy that demo to your default demo folder in order to play it.

In CoD4, you will need to make a new folder called demos and copy all the demos you want to play in to that folder. Go to this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\ and create a new folder called demos. This will be your demo playing folder. In order to know which one is which (folders), make desktop shortcuts and rename them to Create Demos and Play Demos.


As you may have noticed, demos created on modded servers can only be played from the default demos folder. You need to find the folder they were created in and then move them (Cut/Copy) to the default one. But, in order to play modded demos, you first need to launch the mod they were created in. Let's say we played zombies and we made a demo in that mod, we will go to this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods\rotu-r-alpha\demos and cut/copy that demo to the default folder. Then, we run the game. In the main menu we select the option Mods (Step 1 in the picture below), we pick the mod we want to run (Step 2) and hit Launch (Step 3). Once the ROTU mod was launched, we can now type the demo command (/demo demoname). In the pictures below you can trace the steps and see how your game changed once you launched the wanted mod. Same goes for any other mod.

Launch mods.jpgROTU.jpg

Note: If you are playing demos using console command > you must remove any space in the name! Example: /demo Dirty Cheater will not be played

Another easier and more advanced way to play demos is to download Demo Players. Each game we support has a Demo Player. Common features for all players are: simple start of demos just by clicking on them (double click or enter), option to speed up or slow down demos with a possibility to change that speed, one-key exit from the game/replay and the LightGrid option (CoD5 player doesn't have this). LightGrid option enables you to see players behind surfaces, kinda like Wallhack does, CoDUO /CoD2 player has the most advanced LightGrid, CoD4 has a lot less accurate one and it's just a square shape around a possible player, or any other falling object in the game (nades, smoke, stuns, C4, bullets etc). All the pictures of demo players are on their download page with all the options and key settings explained. We really recommend downloading these players, they can save you a lot of time with supper speed option or they can show you a lot of details with super slow motion (details like Aim Assist).


Download links for demo players (CoDUO and CoD2 share the same player):

CoDUO /CoD2 Player (another Download Link)

CoD4 Player (you might have to run or install flash player to see the download icon, another Download Link or from JFJ)

CoD5 Player (for some reason AntiVirus programs detect it as a threat, but it's clean, just add it to the excluded/safe list, another Download Link)



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Uploading Proof On Forum
By now you should be familiar with making demos and screenshots and now it's time to upload them on our forum and link them as a proper proof. If you are making a Ban Request, you will have to create a new thread in our ban request section, copy the mentioned form and answer the questions.

1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker?

2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.)


4.Proof?(demo, screenshot)

To upload and make a link to your demo, go to our JustForJunk file sharing section. You might have to create your own folder by typing your username and password, or your folder might be automatically created just by going to JFJ (JustForJunk). In any case, your folder should be on the top of the list, enter your folder, you will see two options + Add a new folder and + Add Files.

Option + Add new folder enables you to create any number of folders in your JFJ folder. We suggest you create folders called Demos and Screens and upload your proof there. If you play more than one game on our servers, you can also create CoD4 Demos, CoD5 Demos etc. In any case, it's up to you how you want to organize your folders, all we care is to have a playable demo link or a screenshot. You can always delete any folder you created or any file you uploaded by clicking the X below Actions.


Option + Add Files enables you to upload demos or screenshots or any similar file to your folder or folders. In the picture below you can see the steps needed to upload your file. Click on + Add Files (Step 1), this will open Add Files window in which you click on the green + Add Files option again (Step 2), browse your folders until you find the wanted file and then select Open (Step 3) or you can just drag and drop the file in the pop-up, you will then see that file in the Add Files window as it waits for upload, you can now press one of two options > Start upload or Start (Step 4A or Step 4B) and watch the progress of the upload (Step 5), once your file is up, you can close the Add Files window by pressing Close, X or just click anywhere outside of the window (Step 6).


Now all you have to do is hover your mouse pointer above the uploaded demo or a screenshot and do right mouse click, select option Copy Link Address, go to your Ban Request thread and Paste the link address below the Proof section. You will get a link to your uploaded proof and if you are able to download it once you create your thread > Your link works!


If one of the members makes a ban using your proof, he may or may not upload that proof to the Wall Of Shame. Wall Of Shame or WOS is where we keep all the bans, it's a list of players who cheated or broke some rule and it's also the section where we upload the proof again. So, go to AdminCP or simply click on Wall Of Shame option on the forum, pick the game and then in Options window of WOS find Results Per Page option and select 50 or 100 (marked red in the picture below). You will now be able to see the list of all the bans. Marked green in the picture below are options that you can use to find the bans in which you were marked as a reporter > the bans you made. You must be logged-in to see the WOS results.


Once you find your ban or bans, they can either be red or green under the ID list. Green means that member who made the ban also uploaded your proof. If the ban ID is red, it means it's up to you to upload the proof. You can only upload proof for the bans you were credited as a reporter. Now, under Actions list (right side of WOS), find an icon that looks like a movie strip. Click on it and you will find the window with similar options as in JustForJunk (JFJ). Browse your files and find the demo you used in JFJ and upload it. Again, just like in JFJ you can delete that proof if there was some mistake or you can add another proof, it's up to you. Refresh the WOS page and if your ban ID is now green, then you are good to go! And we thank you for your help!

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