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firework want to join

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Retired Admin
Retired Admin
Real name :dimitris
Ingame name :firework
Age :22
Country :greece
Xfire :dimis22
Why you want to join ? :i wan join because play cod only at jff server,and like jff members,also hate hackers
Which games you play :cod4
What you can do to make jff better ?:i help to clean server from hackers

sorry for bad english


New member
You have successfully created want to join apply, now be patient, we have our voting system. Don´t worry you will be informed about your apply after next admin meeting, have you passed recruit or not. Please be patient and stay active ingame and on the forum. Thanks for your understanding.

Good luck to your apply!


New member
Gl man, 1/3 my cought haxors is becouse of u, thanks for helping us dealing with hackers best luck for you:)


Winter has come.
you just miss a bit of activity on the forum, for the other things there's nothing to add, good luck ^^
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