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Farewell from SeXy Chan


New member
I actually wrote a very big farewell thread which I still have a copy of, but people would get tired of reading that's why I changed to this smaller version :3

But at last moment my heart said ill fuck you if you leave so the point of the thread is changed 180 degrees around :)

And I was actually going to leave server, but fuck it I will stick till thundy <3 is out of money hopefully never :3

From next week I will start coming back to server thou I might change my section :)
Farewell being AFK
Sorry guys if you got scared a little slaps wont hurt from time to time :3


Staff member
Game Admin
Movie Master
!slap horrow-chan. Don't you dare go or I'll chase you down and attach a cannon ball to your ass and trap you here :D:p


Very anti-fish
Fuck you Horrow. You haven't even touched my boobs in game yet, I won't let you leave untill you do :3