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Hey, as some of you may or may not know, I wanted to improve my English a little bit. That little bit turned into a bit too much. The result is this document about English grammar. I took all the info i could get from various websites and mashed it all together. This document is purely made for informational purposes. All the definitions and examples used in this document are put there to better my personal understanding of English language, your experience may be completely different, always check the definitions and examples yourself, if you actually care enough. The format of the document is really compressed cause it was made to be printed and used as a sort of a cheat sheet. The links i used to create this document are also listed, and some are not, but the main and the most important one is :eek:. I am also sure i failed to correct all the mistakes, it's not that i did not wanted, it's just that this "quest" really got out of hand and the attention level is not always consistent. Again, this document is made by ME for ME. If this actually helps you in any way > GREAT! If not, well, F you!

And yes, i know that there are books out there and that this whole thing was almost pointless, but this was my path to knowledge. Or should i say, this was like a huge step in my everlasting path to knowledge :confused: