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Dead Server?


Party Organizer
Warteam Member
is this server still alive? I added the ip a few days ago on my hlsw and havent see any activity, its a shame since i still play it a lot :(

how many of u guys and ladz still play this game?


Hopeless case
Staff member
Game Admin
it's almost completely dead. If there are at least 3-4 players more players would join. Few weeks ago when I was on server it went up to 10 players at one moment but now it's empty most of time. If you would like to revive it , I'm in.


New member
I would like to join if its possible just set up cod 2 tomo and will start :) I hope help more one people :)


Staff member
Retired Admin
I will play when I can next couple off weeks, I have given thunder a new rotation list with voting system, it will be implemented next week, maybe someone can give his opinion about it!?

gametype tdm map_toujane
gametype sd map_toujane
gametype ctf map_toujane
gametype tdm map_burgundy
gametype sd map_burgundy
gametype ctf map_burgundy
gametype tdm map_dawnville
gametype sd map_dawnville
gametype ctf map_dawnville
gametype tdm map_decoy
gametype ctf map_decoy
gametype sd map_harbor
gametype tdm map_harbor
gametype sd map_leningrad
gametype tdm map_leningrad
gametype sd map_matmata
gametype tdm map_matmata
gametype ctf map_matmata
gametype sd map_Carentan
gametype tdm map_carentan
gametype sd map_downtown
gametype tdm map_downtown
gametype tdm map_breakout
gametype ctf map_breakout
gametype dm map_trainstation
gametype dm map_railyard
gametype hq map_decoy


New member
Hey guys! Few days ago I played and there were 7 people! It was lots of fun! I believe this friday i'll stay at home and try to play! Sitting in my shitty office doing shitty paper work and remembering 13 vs 13 snowy maps, while mother is cooking Christmas dinner and whole the house is smelling and whole the chat is flooding, nades are flying, soldiers are screaming GRANAATAA! makes me almost cry. I want to be 16 years old again and never grow up and play COD2 forever with you guys!

PS. I just realized I wrote almost the same message 1 year ago... :(