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Troll master trolled by Admins
Well I dont do pc gaming anymore, my love for past 3 years is ps4 and ofcourse I play only Cod and nothing but Cod.
Atm on cod bo4.
If there is anyone on psn add - psycho2601.
Would be great to play with some of u old farts.


Holla At Me yeah!
Discord: WaRRirOzz#6746
Steam: WaRRirOzz
Origin: WaRRirOzz
Epic Games: ChamchaChangal (i will change the name later to WaRRirOzz or Dusk)
Youtube: Dusk Beats
Instagram: kristi_gg_official
Instagram: Dusk_Beats
Snapchat: krist.i
League of Legends: Dusk Beats