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Call of Duty World at War Servers Ips


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Not sure why this is not working... checked all ports, seems to be A ok, anybody have some ideas ?
Usually you have to add the activision or gamespy mastersever to your config let me check how this was done in CoD4 and come back to you.

Here it is explained for CoD2, this probably also counts for CoD5 thus you can use their methods and see if it works.

Let me know if it helped.

PS. I pinged the original cod2 and cod4 mastersevers from activision and they both work as of 2020. The address I found that is supposed to be the cod5 mastersever doesn't work so I don't know what the mastersever for cod5 is as it must operate with a mastersever. The link to killtube must give the best explained I think.
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