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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - RotU-Revolution MOD

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Something a little different ...

Maps are tested, modified and working 99%. More maps is comming soon, depends of my spare time... :unsure:

To avoid COD limits add following to your server starting line:

./cod4x18_dedrun +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=2000 material=4096 image=4000" +set fs_game "Mods/YOUR-MOD-NAME" +...

CD C:\Games\COD4\
iw3mp.exe +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=2000 material=4096 image=4000" +set fs_game "Mods/YOUR-MOD-NAME" +...

xassetnum command must be first in command line, before +set fs_game command, otherwise fs_game will be cheat protected and you will get xmodel, images etc. errors from COD limitations. This will fix maps and mods with huge resource demanding. Following maps work without xassetnum fix but ...

Old\New maps for RotU-Revolution MOD:


Add this to your rotu-mod folder:

And this to your usermaps folder:


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This is nice, thank you :) but no Vince , you have only guys at JFF so together you will make the right decision for you not for me! :) I understand all this, just its life :)


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for zombies it makes no difference whether a guy or a woman is playing So I do not understand what purpose is this conversation


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Ok. To keep it clean, i turned my attention here only on maps which is only for guys. @Wolfe answered me in joke so i answered him a joke too. So i cant understand the confusion. Im on your server because i like the mod alpha for this reason i keep stay here. I told it again in other post. One like TDM/HC and the other one like SND/HC. So i cant understand why this conersation is still going. And especially cant understand the subtext of

We have a female here, dun worry. @Anna
So is this about the topic ?

So im gonna repeat again im on your server because im lover of rotu and yours rotu is my type. Only so much and so much. U gonna do anything what u want, u are paying for this server. So for me the topic is closed, i think u gonna understand what i wanted to say.
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Don't worry Hellen, new maps from BO2 are coming and there is flowers, butterflies and even a shop for girls... :)

Can we make some player female skin and make definition with player-guid in _playermodels.gsc? :unsure:

FNRP does that in maps gsc files. Maybe we can do the same thing, but not only for girls (admins, vip members etc.).


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@deNSki be a guy and don't make me an idiot, we play on the rotu maybe the same number of years, so well u knew what I was talking about
Btw u have already changed the mod and maps on another server u remember ? , and now he is empty without players ... more does not always mean better


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Community Leader
Guys what seems to have been suggestions about new maps, and a joke about "guys maps" seems to have gone a little too far.

All are welcome and appreciated on our servers and in the forums, if anyone is made to feel uncomfortable then something is either misunderstood or something is wrong with what we are doing.

JFF is for everybody, Just For Fun == Says it all, our number one priority is FUN, fun for everybody.

I am going to lock this topic, as I think it has gone off track. If anyone needs anything feel free to PM me,

Not open for further replies.