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Big Glitch Thread

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All credits to our main men @Hyde and @Perdikos for taking the time to make and compile these glitches into one thread.

This thread covered all of the big glitches in the game. For every smaller jump or spot that isn't covered here, you should still consult a JFF member.

I tried to keep it as clean as possible so please don't spam the thread (suggestions are welcome) and most importantly, do not try this at home! :p

1. Ambush

2. Backlot

3. Bog

4. Bloc
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11. Wet Work


The glitches on Wet Work are kind of a grey area. Spots like the one above or all of the high dumpsters should be considered glitches. The best would be to consult with an online member or to avoid these spots completely.

That's it. All the glitches should be covered.
Thanks for reading and use this as a reference on certain spots. For everything else, there is a JFF member around.
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Thread cleaned up and locked.

These are only the most important glitch spots. If you cannot find a certain spot in this list, please consult a member. If you think a certain glitch is missing and you would like to see it added to the list, send a PM. This list is only a reference. Members' judgement takes precedence over this list.
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