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Admin Meeting 2018.04.08


Game Admin
Staff member
Game Admin
Admins online: GammaDeltaII, ElementX, OTé, Sammy, Trobon, rvLJoe, Warnaar80[NL]

- Recruits
* No new recruits
* @WaRRirOzz on hold

- Inactives
* @Hanphagard

- Kicks due to inactivity
* @Voodoo, @Shaikan, @boukha

- Promotions
* @REM -> KickRighted
* @Trappz -> back to KickRighted

- Demotion
* @Skipper -> KickRighted
* @Putty -> KickRighted
* @SIPKODAR -> KickRighted

- Other things

*We have a new "How to make a proper ban request" thread now. It has been done by @ElementX and @BR3. Good job!



Please explain to me what you want. Feel free to do it in PM or here idc.
Read what I said "keep doing a good job and it was a nice meeting btw I was even suprised as all the time". There are no shadow meaning or anything except for tons of sarcasm