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Admin Meeting 2017.11.12

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* Lyzone on hold (next AM)


* Omar
* sadMAN
* st. Anger


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* Ote Admin
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Well, I owe it a huge thank you all ... I do not really know what to say about, i now get positive shocks, thank you ... there is always something good to do when i want give up! Thank you very much for everyone and I will try, to be proud of me!


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Congratulations @OTe! Well done!

Btw, I'd love to see some more activity in here :) I mean, the forum and the server in general. Also, you can always suggest something. Like a new gameserver, new gamemode, new thing we should do, etc. But please don't be too disappointed if your idea fails. This can happen - ofc - but that doesn't mean it was bad. It was just not possible to make etc.
So, get a bit more active! :)


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Aww niceeee congrat's yall :3 This means I can't kick @OTe ingame now >.<

I don't know if it was written somewhere - but Niko's pc is pretty much broke so that's why he can't play so much, try not to kick my man <3


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when did Ote became a member?

Would like to add that we will discuss more about new server, modded one, so in next few weeks try to agree on what that should be. Ote said he will personally go through any idea anyone of you suggests and he will summarize it for the rest of the admins. And dont think we dont care, we see things and we discuss it, but we are so freaking lazy, we just want to end that am as soon as possible, but Thunder is willing to do what ever for any of you, if its properly and precisely formulated and all it will take is some time. So, like Bonbon said, patience and persistence guys and gals, and not just for the modded server.

And as i like to say to all new admins > grab a pen and paper, this is what we need you to do!
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