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Admin Meeting 2017.08.13

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Admins Online: Ardens, Elemnt, Gisbourne, Seaserpent, Thunder, Gianni, Sammy, Trobon, GammadeltaII


On Hold (not enough votes):
- Suarez
- Sljywy
- Trappz
- Shaikan

- Bogi Member
- Dizatro Member
- Thanos Member

- Hybrid BR
- RedzYe KR

- Keep your own nickname & be proud of your tag! Don't confuse people with changing nicknames every 5 min.
- Keep your vacation post in the forum up-to-date ( theres a ticket to improve it)


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Game Admin
Whats the meaning of this? the war team tag is not valid anymore?
Believe they think on many guys who play without any tag and guys who play with tag and change name every day


Game Admin
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Game Admin
It's about these =[JFF]= - random names. Every member should play with their =[JFF]= - tag and name they registered to the forum. For example: I'm Trobon on Forum so I have to use =[JFF]=Trobon in-game. I can't use =[JFF]=Anila or =[JFF]=Orange or any other name. The only thing I can do is going undercover for banning purposes.



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Congratulations Hyb :)

For those guys on hold, keep it up.
Thanks for the promotion guys, won't disappoint you guys.

As for the name change, I will keep that in mind since I also use =[JFF]=kVN# from time to time..
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