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A good time is over


Hey guys,

This step was very very hard for me, cause I made a lot of friends here and I had a lot of fun with you guys. But I reached a point when I'm not paying cod at all and I don't have the feeling to start again in the next time.I didn't played about 3-4 month so I think I'm not a help anymore. At this point I wanna thank some special people @Thunder for building such an amazing community and his great effort.
@ElementX who was an example of Member/Admin when I joined I wished to be as wise as he was. And I think I took some of his wisdome in my mind.
@Rayne A lady I could talk with about everything and always, and who gave me some insights in the mind of girls and women
@Horrow a guy who made laugh very often and gave me sometimes a smile for the day
@Sammy the ban machine I think no one will every get as much bans as he has :D

Sorry if I missed someone no hardfeelings :)
I will be in forum from time to time and check what's going in here :D

So keep up the good work everyone and cheers.
And ofc everyone good luck in reallife

Your Heimdall aka Pvt_Lukas

Edit somehow leave button don't work someone can take a look at this :D


Game Admin
Ah, you better drop in from time to time! thank you for the kind words, even though i act like a biggest child here ( among few others) it means a lot to know that someone was influenced ( positively ) by my actions. You were a good member Lukas, take care of yourself.

( :( )


Game Admin
since u tagged me, some time ago i got the most bans, and im still on top, but ye, Sammy will soon reach me ( some 15+ pages if im not mistaken ).


Game Admin
Staff member
Game Admin
Warteam Member
Aye :/ Tbh honest didn't know what to say, but you also have your commitments. Wish you good health and fortune mister :) Drop in time to time please, till next time :)