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CoD4 -|2L2Q|- vs =[JFF]= AGAIN!!


New member
Xfire to contact war organizer : RIP XFIRE :(
Clan name : Too Legit To Quit
Clan tag : -|2L2Q|-
Clan site :/
Skill : low------------

Yeah again, we're 4 but will manage to get a couple of guys to play for us (or recruit members by the time the war comes up)

Who's up for it? BRING THE BIG GUNS



#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
Warteam Member
low------------ is pretty accurate.
PLS make this happen again :D


Game Admin
Staff member
Game Admin
Warteam Member
Maybe decide on a proposed date and time in advanced. :)
So the ones who wanna play will know, and if they can't, backup players can fill in if needed.
As for myself, 99% can play if I'm needed :D


Party Organizer
Warteam Member
Sunday 9PM Gmt+1 21st February would the best day for us.

Can you give me your steam/evolve contact?