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  1. UDieToday


    I don't see any recent bans or unbans for you. Let me know on discord if you are having trouble. also I believe it you register on the admin tool that you cannot be banned again might be an option if you are changing names. Vince
  2. UDieToday

    Problem with rotu

    Well, I am pleased to say that I think the problem with the mod has been solved. We have been running for about a week on a custom compile of cod4x server which disabled the heavy logging of errors. Yesterday we had ~2500 zombies in the finale and game was stable ! Anyone up for a challenge to...
  3. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    For you Pink Floyd fans, I think this is a rare time when the cover is as good or better than the original...
  4. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    Got around to listening to this one, not quite sure it's my style... how about the rest of you :) ?
  5. UDieToday

    JFF ROTU - game crash and map problem

    We are now running a custom compile of cod4x on the rotu server. Removed some of the debug messages being logged which I suspect will improve performance and hopefully solve our "suspected infinite loop" problem.
  6. UDieToday


    A friend sent me a link to a documentary on the Corona stuff, might be interesting... It's in English...
  7. UDieToday


    Hit me on the discord tomorrow and I will try and help you with this, settings seem to be ok.
  8. UDieToday

    Back after 6 years.

    Welcome back, the !stats was part of our add on tool which we were not able to keep going... A lot of the old crew is still around but most aren't playing as much as used to...
  9. UDieToday


    I am near New York city, which right now is the worst spot in the US. My family and I are ok, we are pretty much staying inside and working from home where possible. This is some scary stuff, here about 20% of people are ending up in the hospital. Hope everybody is ok, and if anybody needs...
  10. UDieToday

    HC High XP SERVER changes

    was unintentional, we desired to remove the $fov, $promod, etc... because of the server crashes sometimes when they were run... Unfortunately I left the promod on as a default.. It is now off... Enjoy
  11. UDieToday

    map problam

    Backlot does not I think have the mapping for the zombies and machines. I will see if I can find the settings to add them
  12. UDieToday

    Request for join JFF

    Welcome in JFF family ;) ( I copied and pasted this from when I joined :) ) !!
  13. UDieToday

    The end of JustForFun ( Wait, we are still alive ! )

    actually If you post it on youtube put a link here, we will get you at least a few likes :)
  14. UDieToday

    The end of JustForFun ( Wait, we are still alive ! )

    Wow, nice that we helped with your montage... Which server are you playing on which is laggy ? Our high xp usually works pretty well but the heli seems to bug out a little...
  15. UDieToday

    Post on peoples wall

    i checked the settings against regular admin and turned on a few things that were off... can you try again ? We may just need to pull you out of retirement :)
  16. UDieToday

    Automatic Screenshots -- And auto ban on immediate disconnect after SS attempt

    ok, good point... so I think we minimize the number of shots taken, I am going to go with 1st kill and then maybe add another at a fairly high streak. I tested it last night and noted no lag, so hopefully will work same for all. Looking to get the guys who join and leave 10x and not waste out...
  17. UDieToday

    Automatic Screenshots -- And auto ban on immediate disconnect after SS attempt

    I am working on the automatic screenshot script setup... Right now built so when a player kills another the 1st or Nth time, we can grab another SS.. will automatically ban if they immediately leave the server question is... when do we want to take a screen shot ? 1st kill ? on Nth kill of...
  18. UDieToday

    Happy New Year Vince (UDieToday) !

    Wow... been 5 years here now...
  19. UDieToday

    I no hak

    I found no indication of any ban at all. IMO was no proof and believe that was an honest miss
  20. UDieToday

    Need some GPU Recommendations...

    Ended up with msi 1050 ti seems to work great. Found that my bios needed a 10 series rather than the new stuff.