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  1. Puma

    SSSniperWolf use wallhack

    Thanks for the report. He was banned by @Half Gas a couple hours ago
  2. Puma

    please unban :(

    Thanks for visiting our forums. I don't see any evidence uploaded for this yet. Please wait for @Half Gas to respond. Thanks
  3. Puma

    Hi o/

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Thank you for your post. I am not sure how much this video really shows as there was obviously some things happening before the video started recording. Calling him a retard didn't really help but nevertheless there are always two sides to every story. Please...
  4. Puma

    Request for join JFF (admin)

    Congratulations and welcome in :)
  5. Puma

    Back after 6 years.

    Hello and welcome back! Good to see some old players re-finding us after the JFF resurrection . See you on the server :D
  6. Puma

    Request for join JFF

    Hi and welcome to the forums, Nice to see your application after chatting with you in game. Any religious/ political/ Libyan dictator names could be a potential cause of conflict with people on the servers and should be avoided. If you changed your name to something neutral on forum and in...
  7. Puma

    Call Of duty 4

    Welcome back! Good to see older players re-joining our servers :D Make sure to join our discord to keep up with the spam
  8. Puma

    I no hak

    What was the reason given for the ban? Was it rapid fire?
  9. Puma


    Welcome to forums! Make sure to join our discord group to keep up with spam :D
  10. Puma


    1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker: Lannister 2.Cheat / Rule type: Multihack 3.Server: Hardcore High XP 4.Proof: Demos: 5.Time and date: January 16th Posting here as banned in game from demo and couldn't think of a better place to post it.
  11. Puma

    Half Gas Join JFF

    Welcome in Half Gas! Nice to have another Celt amongst out ranks :)
  12. Puma


    Hi Ulyanovsk, Thanks for taking the time to record and upload this demo. Unfortunately i do not see any clear hacking here. It is possible he could have a light weight aim assist as you mentioned but i don't see enough evidence for a ban in my opinion. Will keep an eye on him in the future for...
  13. Puma

    Settings for our High XP Server

    +1 for remove spawn protection. the only time i use it is after i've been nuked so i have 5 seconds less of radiation to worry about. otherwise i cancel it as soon as i can, usually by shooting a bullet
  14. Puma

    Settings for our High XP Server

    I would remove fullbright option. we used to have it banned on old servers and it gives a huge disadvantage to the players that don't use it. Nuke should be 40 kills. Artillery is more powerful than AGM so maybe these could be switched. MGs are already gone as far as i know and forced auto...
  15. Puma

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    1 death, score doesn't count :P
  16. Puma

    Auto-Assign Option Only

    Remove the option to pick a team when joining a server. Just have the 'auto assign' button only. Should help a lot with keeping the teams balanced as even since servers have become more populated in the last couple weeks people are still joining and picking the winning side, especially on server...
  17. Puma

    CoD4 Nade Switcher

    server 3 name ATILA punishment is a perm ban as far as i can remember
  18. Puma


    Battlestation thread! Im curious to see what kind of set up everyone here on JFF has so post a photo of your battlestation and some info! my setup: Dell XPS L501x laptop (almost 3 years old) 4 Intel Core i5 CPUs 4GB RAM Beats Solo HD for listening for nabs sneaking up behind me Cobra Gaming...
  19. Puma


    1.What game? COD4 2.Which server? HC 3.Name of Cheater? ID_unknown_3 4.What cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) no recoil, wallhack, aimbot 5.Proofs?(demo) IP from st anger:
  20. Puma


    wallhacker 1.What game? COD4 2.Which server? HC 3.Name of Cheater? AR51 / Owned by AR51 4.What cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) Aimbot 5.Proofs?(demo)