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  1. Vlado

    Request for join JFF

    pozz kolega a vjerojatno ima neko ogranicenje,pogotovo kad stavis u boji to je vjerujem u postavkama servera.mogu mozda probat vidjeti jeli se da sta napravit Anyway,welcome in Put tag,keep rules and stay cool :)
  2. Vlado

    Request for join JFF

    Welcome mate
  3. Vlado

    Request for join JFF

    Nice ^^ Vidimo se na serveru :)
  4. Vlado

    Request for join JFF

    Hello mate Think we have place for you,let @UDieToday decide welcome back in game
  5. Vlado


    Hello boys Still work in Germany and cant stop think about familly in Croatia,hope will together soon... How this Corona make people like animals in store,its rlly sad Hope all you guys are safe with familly and this virus will gone soon Take care-wash hands
  6. Vlado

    COD4X Problem..

    Put steam in online when play?
  7. Vlado

    COD4X Problem..

    Are you run steam when play? Where you buy game,on steam?
  8. Vlado

    a grown up version of me

    Welcome back cya on servers
  9. Vlado

    Happy New Year Ardens !!

    Best wishes
  10. Vlado

    Happy New Year Trobon !!

    Happy birthday @Trobon
  11. Vlado

    Call Of duty 4

    Welcome back Senad Problem solved,can play?
  12. Vlado

    Happy Birthday Blade!

    Dunno if you read it,but... Best wishes @Blade,hope you enjoy on it
  13. Vlado

    Happy New Year Vince (UDieToday) !

    Best wishes mate Have a good one
  14. Vlado

    I no hak

    Yep,free to play /lock
  15. Vlado


    Saw you in game Welcome on forum,keep enjoy on servers
  16. Vlado

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Thanks all who show up Must play again Maybe every weekend?
  17. Vlado

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Lets come who can and one promod guy can make server for war.not need too lock us servers Dont ask for trams and maps.we will decide together in game So please who can-show up On first lets pick up some fun(and beat hyb and company :) ).price we will decide Timer for war :
  18. Vlado

    new sitw or !

    Welcome back then ^^
  19. Vlado

    Happy birthday Half Gas

    Best wishes