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  1. Half Gas

    Old Father Time - Half Gas

    Hello to all the gamers on JFF. I've been playing CoD 4 since it came out, and still love it more than any of the others released since. It took me a while to give up CoD2 but this did it.
  2. Half Gas


    Cod4 server multihack screenshot in server tool
  3. Half Gas


    cod4 server wall hack screenshot in the admin tool
  4. Half Gas

    Half Gas Join JFF

    Hello JFF, I am applying to join your clan Real name : Gordon In-game name : Half Gas Age : 57 ( I know really?) hehe Country : Scotland Why do you want to join ? : Been Playing on the server lots and thought I should join the party Which games do you play ? : Cod4 Which servers do you play...
  5. Half Gas

    a...a...a...a..Kong wall hacker

    Player named above wall hacker, making it obvious
  6. Half Gas

    CCS Mephisto multi hack

    1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker? CCS Mephisto 2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.) Multi hack 3.Server? COD 4 4.Proof?(demo, screenshot) 5.Time and date on which you recorded the demo
  7. Half Gas

    Hacker name : (Zorro_

    Wall hacker on server by the name of (Zorro_ 1.(Zorro_ 2.Wall hack Multi hack 3.COD4 HC 4.Proof?(demo, screenshot) 5.13:46 on 14.12.19