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  1. Welden

    Guess who's back, back again

    Hey guys :D So I got scolded that I came back without a hello post, so here it is ! I'm finishing my exams next week, and I figured I try playing some COD again since I've got a new pc and all, but I'll need some help of our magicians to figure some stuff out, because I tried logging in one of...
  2. Welden

    Donation plot.

    I was wondering if you plan to keep all those plots on the same graph, or maybe switch the style where you tick/untick the years you'd be interested in seeing , personnally my eyes hurt when I see so many graphs on the same one, + the colors confuse me( but that is my colorblindness ,so that's...
  3. Welden

    Your favourite/funny memes

    what have I seen
  4. Welden

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    that moment when you feel like @rvL Joe and some random rampage :D
  5. Welden

    Picture thread !!

  6. Welden

    How to enter the Addon.

    You type your new pass straight away , you don't type your old than your new
  7. Welden

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Why do people only post HC scores, get those kills on softcore :p close to the 100 kills , keeping my hopes up
  8. Welden

    CoD4 1488 Koncept

    1488 Koncept 1488.dm_1
  9. Welden

    Want to choose a new COD.

    Ok so I have some spare money (not I'm not gonna donate the rest to servers again, this I want to spend ) , and I was thinking about buying a new COD, but I just can't choose? I've got COD 4 as most of you know already, so what would be the next best choice? Cheers for the help and advice (or I...
  10. Welden

    CoD4 BLR_RoHS

    BLR_RoHS Glitching
  11. Welden

    CoD4 lmfao

    lmfao nr lmfao.dm_1
  12. Welden

    CoD4 i am god

    i am god Wh iamgod.dm_1
  13. Welden

    CoD4 Wesker

    Wesker (changed to -_____- something later) Nr + wh wesker.dm_1 Still online at the moment ruining the game
  14. Welden

    CoD4 K!ng

    K!ng Wh and nr k!ng.dm_1
  15. Welden

    So I got bored....

    And I decided to look up some members on google Images .. Needless to say I was kind of surprised how some looked ;) Ok @Thunder wasn't such a big surprise of course , I'm still trying to figure out wich bolt he is I present to you @Trobon ! please explain how you use that mouse and keyboard...
  16. Welden

    Attempt number.. three? #nevergiveup

    Real name : Reinier Ingame name :Welden. Age : 20 Country : France Why do you want to join ? : Because I love JFF Which games do you play ? : COD 4 Which servers do you play on ? : #2 and #1 , not really a hardcore fan When do you play (time + timezone) ? : GMT +1 What can you do to make JFF...
  17. Welden


    Why not make !rules a public command? I've seen quite some people coming on the servers and askinf for the rules when you tell them that glitch is not allowed, or if they're speaking something else then english. Although i have to admit, the entire rules command is a bit long, and I personnally...
  18. Welden

    CoD4 Russai zoid

    Name : Russia Zoid Reason : wh Proof : russiazoid.dm_1
  19. Welden

    CoD4 Killed by

    Killed by nr wh and aim killedby.dm_1