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  1. UDieToday

    Need some GPU Recommendations...

    I have a new PC which is working fine.. But I also play quite a bit on an older pc ... today video card radeon 5450 from around 2010 died... Machine is a dell xps 8930 from somewhere around 2010.. HD replaced year or two back.. Thinking to replace the video card and get it running again...
  2. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    I agree we had a very nice time... Got some guys playing and having fun together.
  3. UDieToday

    New Beat on my Youtube, Listen and tell me what u think :D

    yep, I agree upload it to YT and share us the link...
  4. UDieToday

    A guy named Easy is whalhacking on the cracked server

    Hi cookie, if you are not already signed up on our admin tool you should do it ... it will allow you to use the $getss easy command in either console or chat. Thanks for taking the time to help out !!
  5. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    We had some good fun, promod, rotu, sc, and high xp... I think it was more like a pub crawl than a tournament but think all had a nice time. JFF Server Crawl Definition I am going to try and figure who ruled each server. @Piroca de Deus played well on most, Sir CAL was solid on both sc, and...
  6. UDieToday

    new sitw or !

    account merged, welcome back... you can see at top we are running quite a few games, hope to see you in there :)
  7. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    I agree, I am unfortunately not very familiar with organizing or playing in a tournament but am trying to learn. If anyone has any ideas on how to better score this, please speak up! My original idea ( perhaps bad ) was to have a player score on a game/map be part of the whole scoring, and also...
  8. UDieToday

    Call Of Duty 4 Servers Ips

    i will have a look at the logs, typically i see a player leave and a bot has him as it's target and code goes bananas... the bots are a pain in the butt..
  9. UDieToday

    Half Gas Join JFF

    Welcome in JFF family ;) ( I copied and pasted this from when I joined :) ) !!
  10. UDieToday

    Happy Birthday dOber

    Happy Birthday @dOber, enjoy it man !!
  11. UDieToday

    Global lagg

    b3 sucking a bit of memory, when I have seen problems the cod4x and b3 play off each other, npm and pm2 are the admin tool, that does not seem too heavy. Restarted the b3 and the cod4x
  12. UDieToday

    Global lagg

    i will see if we can add htop to the server admin drop down on the forum...
  13. UDieToday


    I looked at it also, I think the guy is playing on a console ( x-box ? ) or with a controller... the fps is high and his movements don't seem as smooth as i am used to... I too don't see an obvious aimbot and checked screenshots seems ok to me, but others free to check also...
  14. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    And for those of you who are not 80 years old yet... Beastie Boys but their own remix May not have heard this one...
  15. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    And now that you got me thinking about it, this is a pretty solid song... probably not too popular with all you youngsters :) but worth checking out... Has made me think about things sometimes when things aren't going so great...
  16. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    And in memory of Neil Peart with a special introduction by Geddy Cartman Lee
  17. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    May have put this before but these girls are amazing... If you have not watched it check it out...
  18. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    I should apologize in advance to who ever gets me on their team :)
  19. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Hi, just catching up on these. The idea ( and we can do whatever people want ) is to get players on the servers. I am thinking that we will have a competition on each of our cod4 servers so a champion of each, and possibly a grand champion total of all. if you have any ideas on scoring or...
  20. UDieToday

    CoD4 {WAR} vs =[JFF]=

    Anybody still around in {WAR} ready for a rematch ?