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  1. Vlado

    JFF Hardcore High XP 24/7 laggy

    Hello Today work good?
  2. Vlado

    JFF Hardcore High XP server lag

    He was offline now Restarted,hope its work now
  3. Vlado

    Team/admin application Discord chanell
  4. Vlado

    Team/admin application

    Accepted,welcome in !!! Put tag,keep rules and stay cool :) Search web for more info about rules and stuff We will keep eye on You,show your activity on forum/servers/discord Your rank in game will improve when time show your admins skill Any question_just catch me Good luck,cya in game
  5. Vlado

    Team/admin application

    Done by @UDieToday You register on admin tool? Dont saw your profile
  6. Vlado

    Team/admin application

    Hello and welcome on forum On what servers you play mostly?
  7. Vlado


    Tell us more about you Welcome on forum @lisalis
  8. Vlado


    Hello mate
  9. Vlado

    hi all

    Hello mate Welcome on forum and enjoy on servers ;)
  10. Vlado

    Request for join JFF and to get admin

    Still here and play @Evil ?
  11. Vlado

    I am not

    Roger + 1 for unban
  12. Vlado

    Happy New Year Thunder !!!

    Happy birthday mate @Thunder
  13. Vlado

    JFF #2 softcore server resurrection

    @UDieToday can you sort it please?
  14. Vlado

    JFF #2 softcore server resurrection

    If can help,I am for it
  15. Vlado

    Request for join JFF and to get admin

    Nice words Good luck
  16. Vlado

    Ban error Share it here please,will check what happens
  17. Vlado


    This player?
  18. Vlado


  19. Vlado


    saw it in game yestrday will sort it @Akkordmef after admin tool back give him temp.ban 1 hour yestrday
  20. Vlado

    =[JFF]= RotU-REVOLUTION - Round: 14 - Intermissio

    Please stop before ban Just play..