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  1. Bauer

    Call Of Duty 4 Working Keygen (Keys List)

    New at the game? Just installed Call of duty 4 (cod4) and need a key? Look no more. Just stop the video and pick one working key from this youtube video.
  2. Bauer

    Call of Duty World at War Servers Ips

    =[JFF]= Cracked Server #1 -
  3. Bauer

    Just For Fun Gaming on Discord

    If you havent joined yet our discord, do it right now, you can talk about anything there and chat with JFF members. Heres a invite code that doenst expire:
  4. Bauer

    Call Of Duty 4 Servers Ips

    Here's the list of our Cracked Call of duty (cod4) Server's Ip's. =[JFF]= Cracked Server #2 - =[JFF]= RotU-REVOLUTION 0.7-alpha Plrs: 0/0 | Wave: 1 - Intermission | ?/? - =[JFF]= Cracked Server #3 Hardcore - =[JFF]= Promod LIVE V2.20...
  5. Bauer

    Site on Cloudflare

    Just added the site on Cloudflare, should see some improvements in speed and page load. Thanks @Thunder for all the help More updates coming soon.
  6. Bauer

    JFF Meeting (22-09-2019)

    Where: JFF Discord When: 22/09/2019 / 8 pm GMT ( Who: All Jff Members Talking Points: Future Of JFF, Propose new games to add to the comunity, Promotions, Actual status of jff, Ranking System
  7. Bauer

    JFF Tournament (with prizes)

    In order to revive cod4 and jff a bit Im thinking of doing what i havent did 2 years ago. Hosting a jff tournament with some prizes. Heres my idea 1 place:100 euros 2nd:50 euros 3rd: 12 slots cod4 gameserver Rules: every1 has to record demos only legit/original players can play server has to...
  8. Bauer

    CoD4 JFF Comunity/Internal War (15-08-2017)

    Hey guys and ladies, it's been a while since we had a massive JFF party and some fun all together, so it's time to bring it back. Reminder: Everyone can join in this comunity war from jff members to jff wannabe members (this is good for you if your trying to join us, since you will have a...
  9. Bauer

    CGAC Banwave - March 2017

    Some Good news and for those that say CG is full of cheaters.... house cleaned :) "After getting contacted by several players and admins about deteriorating conditions of community here, I decided to come back and take out the trash once again. Special message goes to all the players that are...
  10. Bauer


    We (war team) just joined Discord. Everyone is welcome to join, (JFF and non JFF). Server Link: HF
  11. Bauer

    Mafia 3

    Has anyone played the game series? is it worth 50 bucks? Tell me of ur justice pls
  12. Bauer

    Design section?

    Have a design section where people could show off their graphic work and skills. People could request signs/banners and stuff to designers to use here in the forum.
  13. Bauer

    The PC Gamer Top 100 Games

    "Every year, the international PC Gamer team puts its heads together to hash out a list of the hundred PC games you need to play. This year, we're stressing 'play'. With a handful of exceptions, every game on the list is one that you can access and enjoy today. Where that's not the case, it's...
  14. Bauer

    Team A: Line Up

    The CyberGamer Call of duty 4 War Team Line Up @Bauer @KonZone @Uriel @Hybrid @Gisbourne Backup* @Sammy @Thanos @Vlado @the MINION This can change at any time, (depending of the available/online players and their activity and skill aswel) the same for the main team.
  15. Bauer

    About War Team (Update 1)

    Wanna keep you guys updated about the whole war team thing and also hear any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this post. As you all know after the last admin meeting and getting green light to start this, I got a challenge: Pick the players and create the team. Something most...
  16. Bauer

    Fun wars

    HELP! Im lost here @Trobon
  17. Bauer

    Fun wars

    JFF 1 - GERMANY 0 GG
  18. Bauer

    Fun wars

    easy game, easy life @KonZone , @Uriel , @GammaDeltaII , @BluFish - > that rage quit at the end was predictable. gg boyz
  19. Bauer

    Picture thread !!

    hahahaha are you pouzin? (C) @Luka Nikolic
  20. Bauer

    War Server in Stats page

    Yo, can we have the war srv added in the stats page? wold be nice