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    Interview: =[JFF]=EsaPetteri

    Awww, love you Esa, even after 10 years <3
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    Ugh...dumbass in need of help ? :)

    Haha hey guys and gals of JFF, i am facing a rather...silly problem in Cod2...somehow i have managed to disable the text chat ingame, it just disabled by itself overnight by the looks of it. I'm fairly sure that most people who play Cod2 are familiar with the commands or whatever they are, i...
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    Arctic application

    Real name :Martin Ingame name :Arctic Age :15 Country :Estonia MSN/Xfire :msn is and xfire is croweut Why you want to join ? :I've recently started playing @ jff servers again, and just like almost a year ago,I still love them, when i first got my new pc at christmas,i...
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    Hard for me to do this....

    Ehh...i'll just get right to the point,i no longer have time for =[JFF] really busy with school for prob many many months and also got some stuff in private life that i wouldn't wanna share here.. I am leaving =[JFF]=..i would love to stay but,it's just that i can't be active anymore...
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    Graphics card recommendations please (AGP 4x)

    Hello guys, I got a 8 years old PC,looking for a new graphics card to run atleast CoD4,i got ati radeon 9000 series(booooo) atm... So i went to the local computer store and asked for a graphics card fitting my AGP 4x...They recommended me nVidia GeForce 6200 (AGP 4x/8x works with both)card with...
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    Arctic Inactive

    Hey guys,im moving to inactive list for 2 weeks,im on skateboard competition atm...Im on my laptop,shitty connection and no games.Competition lasts for 2 weeks,hope i get gold trofy :P .For that ive got to practice day and night... After 2 weeks,im back online.. ;) have fun *O* LOVE you...
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    Was Bored in History class

    JFF is the ultimate clan, if theres a cheater,immediatly ban! Still a cheater?I'll kill him, after that gonna feed him to Wim. If you cheat,means that you're afraid, this hack crap thing won't get you laid. If you're friendly and looking for some fun, then pull out your gun, and come to the...
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    Call of Duty 2 Rules

    Just For Fun - Call of Duty 2 Server Rules and Settings status Server Language: English (on all/team chat) IP: =[JustForFun]= Cracked All Weapons! #1 IP: =[JustForFun]= Cracked All Weapons! #2 Game: Call of Duty 2 Mod: JFF addon Gametype...
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    AxLRose69 aimbot
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    Was bored :P

    Im playing JFF, Just For Fun, better be ready pull out your gun. Even though you'll be fragged alot cause JFF will find your weak spot. So cmon,call all your friends, cause the party on the server never ends. JFF is a great clan, everybody is a huge fan. Even I want to join, hopefully you won't...
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    Aimbot called nonamers
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    Real Name:Martin Ingame name:Arctic(sometimes i use SeNseI but im gonna start using Arctic now) Age:14 Country:Estonia MSN/Xfire:MSN is and Xfire is croweut(just got it working again yay) Why you want to join ? :Because ive played alot in your servers,and i love...
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    Hey,looking to join

    Hey JFF.I want to join JFF gaming on Call Of Duty 2.Ive seen some of the clan members ingame,and i can see that they are friendly and helpful.Im currently using The user name SeNseI in cod 2 but i usually play with Arctic in other games,so ill probably change it to that.Looking forward meeting u...