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  1. Puma

    I am not

    That's good enough for me. Unbanned. See you in game.
  2. Puma

    I am not

    I'd be willing to give him another chance as long as he promises to stick to the rules. Especially now that he knows how easy it is for us to catch cheaters. What do you think @CptMacMiIIan ?
  3. Puma

    I am not

    Screenshot from the admin tool
  4. Puma

    I am not

    ok I discussed this with him on discord. here is the ban from last April. says his 'friend' played on his copy of COD4 with this name. The reason he was playing a couple of days ago was that the admin tool was down so he...
  5. Puma

    I am not

    he sent me these on discord
  6. Puma

    I am not

    Can you upload a screenshot of the message when you try to join the server? I can't see any bans under this name or the ID. Also, i cannot see any bans made 2 days ago.
  7. Puma

    Charms - Allowed or not?

    Vote finished. Charms will now be treated the same as hacking. Thanks for voting all.
  8. Puma

    Charms - Allowed or not?

    Charms are changing the 'skin/ uniform' colours of enemies and teammates to make them more visible. For example a bright pink skin would make enemies easier to spot on a dark map than the usual dull colours of the enemies uniforms.
  9. Puma

    Cant ban him

  10. Puma


    any screenshots of these? has he been warned already?
  11. Puma

    join szerver =[JFF]= RotU-REVOLUTION

    Hi, You can connect to this server by pasting this into your console: /connect or by clicking on the server picture on this top left of this page. Cheers
  12. Puma

    brendand unban request

    Hi and welcome to forums. Have you been perm/ temp banned or not? I cannot see any record of a ban under this name We are more active on our discord if you would like to keep up with spam there :)
  13. Puma

    SSSniperWolf use wallhack

    Thanks for the report. He was banned by @Half Gas a couple hours ago
  14. Puma

    please unban :(

    Thanks for visiting our forums. I don't see any evidence uploaded for this yet. Please wait for @Half Gas to respond. Thanks
  15. Puma

    Hi o/

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Thank you for your post. I am not sure how much this video really shows as there was obviously some things happening before the video started recording. Calling him a retard didn't really help but nevertheless there are always two sides to every story. Please...
  16. Puma

    Request for join JFF (admin)

    Congratulations and welcome in :)
  17. Puma

    Back after 6 years.

    Hello and welcome back! Good to see some old players re-finding us after the JFF resurrection . See you on the server :D
  18. Puma

    Request for join JFF

    Hi and welcome to the forums, Nice to see your application after chatting with you in game. Any religious/ political/ Libyan dictator names could be a potential cause of conflict with people on the servers and should be avoided. If you changed your name to something neutral on forum and in...
  19. Puma

    Call Of duty 4

    Welcome back! Good to see older players re-joining our servers :D Make sure to join our discord to keep up with the spam
  20. Puma

    I no hak

    What was the reason given for the ban? Was it rapid fire?