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  1. UDieToday

    JFF - Softcore # 2 - Test Server

    Guys, I made a copy of our Server #2... An exact copy of the settings on #2. I added the new experience stuff ( most turned off ) to it and would like peoples opinions on if this is any fun and might be a good replacement or addition. Please check it out and let me know...
  2. UDieToday

    Automatic Screenshots -- And auto ban on immediate disconnect after SS attempt

    I am working on the automatic screenshot script setup... Right now built so when a player kills another the 1st or Nth time, we can grab another SS.. will automatically ban if they immediately leave the server question is... when do we want to take a screen shot ? 1st kill ? on Nth kill of...
  3. UDieToday

    Need some GPU Recommendations...

    I have a new PC which is working fine.. But I also play quite a bit on an older pc ... today video card radeon 5450 from around 2010 died... Machine is a dell xps 8930 from somewhere around 2010.. HD replaced year or two back.. Thinking to replace the video card and get it running again...
  4. UDieToday

    Happy Birthday dOber

    Happy Birthday @dOber, enjoy it man !!
  5. UDieToday

    Settings for our High XP Server

    All, would appreciate your input on these settings... Also putting my thoughts... the fullbright takes away challenge of night maps, seems to me unfair but all can use it... // Allow players to change r_fullbright, cg_fovscale and promod vision setting with script command or via rcon interface...
  6. UDieToday

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Was thinking maybe have a forum members only tournament... ( anybody on forum could play ) Server: Pick a server, we could make all slots pw for this Cost: ?? Do we want to have prizes ? Maybe a few euro and then make pool 1st = 1/2, 2nd = whatever.... If we just want bragging rights then we...
  7. UDieToday

    Rotu Enhancments

    First, I have updated our rotu to try a more efficient process for some of the longer running tasks. I used and we can see how that works out. Typically when we had a crash there was a suspected infinite loop during the...
  8. UDieToday

    Forum Bugs all the links in here are broken, we might have some work to do to copy over the old info... ** I copied over the first one, just replaced the forum. with archive. and grabbed from the old one. Did not copy over...
  9. UDieToday

    Community Decisions - Forum Design

    I took a look and we can put some of the gametracker items as an "advertisement" in xenforo up at the top as shown on my screenshot. Have not turned this on for everybody, what do you think ?
  10. UDieToday

    Community Decisions - Rules

    Here are the current rules, copied from the archived forum. If anyone thinks we should change anything, put a reply here and we can take a look as a group. We can put these into a message that will be repeated every x minutes on the server. rule1: ^3Rule #1: No Cheating rule2: ^3Rule #2...
  11. UDieToday

    Community Decisions - Mods To Add

    Would like to get some suggestions and feedback from the group. Right now we are running COD4 SC HC Rotu .7 Zombies Promod 2.2 Suggestions: Freezetag was suggested If you have some suggestions, post them here. We will put it to a group vote and make it happen.
  12. UDieToday

    Community Decisions - Games To Add

    If anyone has any suggestions for additional games to add, put them here.. Probably will gather them and we can all vote on them: Here is a list of easily supported on our infrastructure: ARMA 3, 7 Days to Die, Action Half-Life, ARK: Survival Evolved, Ballistic Overkill, Barotrauma, Base...
  13. UDieToday

    COD5 - Some maps are over in about 1/2 the time due to score

    Is it possible to raise or eliminate the 5,000 point game ending score ? I have noticed that sometimes things are just starting to get fun and score is just about even but one team hits the limit and the round ends. Today I noted it with about 7 minutes left on the timer. I think it would be...
  14. UDieToday

    COD5 - Time for map change ?

    Things seem a tad slower on the COD5 servers lately, not sure if we keep track of the stats of utilization, or if perhaps time to change the maps around ??? I am not sure which other maps are decent, but I find sub pens to be fun but not in our rotation ... Any thoughts ? Vince
  15. UDieToday

    Unban Request: Borteci32

    Your name/nick in game?: Borteci32 Your IP?: Which one of our Admins banned you?: Erebor667 Why you were banned?: WH Why we should unban you?: I am not a cheater and was not hacking ( UDieToday entered this for Borteci32 who made request via xfire but English is apparently an...
  16. UDieToday

    Zombie Server ??

    A while back there was a zombie server hosted by the guys that start with a P and end with an E. It was a cooperative game where the players were united against the zombies, and it was quite a bit of fun. Do you guys have any interest in trying this out ? Do we host our own servers, additional...
  17. UDieToday

    Addon "Username not found"

    I have been getting username not found using the same credentials that I use to login to the forum. Is there a process to have this checked ? Thanks COD5Vince aka UDietoday
  18. UDieToday

    CoD:WaW Razzzorr: Looks to be aimbot

    1.What game? COD WAW 2.Which server? JFF Cracked ( Server 1 ) 3.Name of Cheater? Razzzorr 4.What cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) aimbot ( Don't see any recoil either ) 5.Proofs?(demo): 6. IP:
  19. UDieToday

    CoD:WaW Nicetryx1: aimbot

    1.What game? COD WAW 2.Which server? JFF Cracked ( Server 1 ) 3.Name of Cheater? NiceTryX1 4.What cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) aimbot 5.Proofs?(demo): 6. IP: Courtesy of @GammaDeltall
  20. UDieToday

    CoD:WaW ISRxDarkness: Aimbot

    1.What game? COD WAW 2.Which server? JFF Cracked ( Server 1 ) 3.Name of Cheater? ISRxDarkness 4.What cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) aimbot 5.Proofs?(demo): 6. IP: Courtesy of @GammaDeltall and...