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Server Rules

  1. Server Rules

    1. No Cheating

      Always keep the game fair and fun for every player. The use of any cheat, hack, software or tweak intended to give more advantage on other players is strongly forbidden and will directly lead to a permanent ban, no forgiving. As cheat we define a third party software that provides additional in-game tweaks such as:
      - Aimbot
      - Aim Assistance
      - Wallhack
      - No Recoil
      - NameChange
      - Rapid fire
      - Crosshair hack
      - Scripts
      This list is just an example, and does not include every existing cheat.

    2. English Only

      We are an international community, with players from all around the world, by consequence English is the only allowed language in both public and team chat. Breaking this rule will result in a warning in first place, in a kick or even temporary/permanent ban if abused.

    3. No Insulting

      Simply do not insult any member or player. If you need to “rage” or “flame”, remember that you are only playing a game, just close it and take a break, there is no need to address offensive words to anyone. Avoid playing with irritating behaviors such as “trolling” your opponents, in this way you prevent people to insult. Breaking this rule will result in a warning in first place, in a kick in most cases, or even in a temporary/permanent ban if abused.

    4. No Glitching

      We do not allow any kind of glitch or bounce in our servers. If you don’t know what “glitching” is, make sure the following description doesn’t match with any of your movements when playing. A glitch can be defined as a software error, such as bugs. “Glitching” means exploiting these game faults to have advantages on other players like, talking about Call of duty, reaching a roof where you are not supposed to be with tricky jumps. This can be considered cheating in some way, not that heavy, but not tolerable as well. Breaking this rule will lead to a warning, a kick, or even a temporary/permanent ban depending on the number of previous admonishments.

    5. No Advertising and Spamming

      As for the forum, advertising and spamming are not allowed in both team and public chats, such as promoting other servers or repeatedly using binds. Continuously using the "!report" command during the game is considered spamming as well and punished by consequence. Breaking this rule will result in a warning in first place, or in a kick and even ban in worse situations. For further information give a look at the forum rules.

    6. No Recruiting

      Since we offer you the possibility to play on fairly decent servers for free, do not recruit members for your clan from our community. Breaking this rule will result in a direct and permanent ban. Go on and create your own community.

    7. No Tag Stealing

      JustForFun members always play with our community tag, =[JFF]=. By doing so, players can easily identify them in case of need. By wearing our tag and pretending to be a member of our community, you deliberately hamper our job. Tag stealing is not allowed in any way, and will result in a warning, or even in a kick/ban in worse cases.

    8. No Offensive Language or Names

      Any word or nickname that result hateful towards any religion, nation or race is not tolerated. In this case you will first get warned about your situation. Refusing to change your player’s name or abusing this rule will directly lead to a permanent ban

    9. Do Not Ruin Other Player’s Game

      Always keep the game fun for everyone. We do not allow annoying in-game behaviors like “blocking”, “team nading” or “unbalancing”. Do not intentionally block doors or paths just to get your mates killed, or switch team just after leaving a grenade for the same purpose, it can be fun for you, but not for your team mates, play fair. Whenever you join a match, always remember to use the auto assign function, in order to keep the game balanced. If you are playing together with other clan mates, please avoid to play with “clan stacks”. Playing against a well organized team can be very frustrating for casual players. Ignoring these points will result to a warning in first place, or even in a kick or temporary/permanent ban in worse cases.

    10. Keep Using Common Sense

      Please, always try to enjoy the game. If you need any help, kindly ask to any member, removing capital letters and using proper words (see “forum rules” for further information). If no members are available at that time, don’t panic or get mad, simply record his game in case of a cheater, and always report every problem on the forum in a polite way. As any other kind of bad behavior, all this can be subjected to relatively harsh measures, from a simple warning to a kick, or even a temporary/permanent ban in exceptional cases. Remember to add as many JustForFun members as you can to your xFire or Steam Friends list, in this way you will have more chances to find us in case of “emergency”. For any other doubt feel free to ask on the forum.

  2. Call of Duty 4 Only

    1. No nades in first 15 seconds of s&d

      There are no nades allowed in the first 15 seconds in the search and destroy gamemode of call of duty 4. This is to keep the game balanced.