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Recent content by Welden

  1. Welden

    Guess who's back, back again

    Hey guys :D So I got scolded that I came back without a hello post, so here it is ! I'm finishing my exams next week, and I figured I try playing some COD again since I've got a new pc and all, but I'll need some help of our magicians to figure some stuff out, because I tried logging in one of...
  2. Welden

    Donation plot.

    I was wondering if you plan to keep all those plots on the same graph, or maybe switch the style where you tick/untick the years you'd be interested in seeing , personnally my eyes hurt when I see so many graphs on the same one, + the colors confuse me( but that is my colorblindness ,so that's...
  3. Welden

    Your favourite/funny memes

    what have I seen
  4. Welden

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    that moment when you feel like @rvL Joe and some random rampage :D
  5. Welden

    Picture thread !!

  6. Welden

    How to enter the Addon.

    You type your new pass straight away , you don't type your old than your new
  7. Welden

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Why do people only post HC scores, get those kills on softcore :p close to the 100 kills , keeping my hopes up
  8. Welden

    CoD4 1488 Koncept

    1488 Koncept 1488.dm_1
  9. Welden

    Want to choose a new COD.

    Ok so I have some spare money (not I'm not gonna donate the rest to servers again, this I want to spend ) , and I was thinking about buying a new COD, but I just can't choose? I've got COD 4 as most of you know already, so what would be the next best choice? Cheers for the help and advice (or I...
  10. Welden

    CoD4 BLR_RoHS

    BLR_RoHS Glitching
  11. Welden

    CoD4 lmfao

    lmfao nr lmfao.dm_1
  12. Welden

    CoD4 i am god

    i am god Wh iamgod.dm_1
  13. Welden

    CoD4 Wesker

    Wesker (changed to -_____- something later) Nr + wh wesker.dm_1 Still online at the moment ruining the game
  14. Welden

    CoD4 K!ng

    K!ng Wh and nr k!ng.dm_1