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    Want to start a business need ur advice

    Hello guys so i was thinking about starting my business of retail selling of electrical appliances like switch,plugs , lights, fans , wires etc ( just a general idea) . We have our own shop but it is to a side of main market , capital is not a issue . And furthermore my brother is electrition...
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    Your favourite/funny memes

    lol @Gisbourne i laughed so hard xDDDDDDD
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    How to enter the Addon.

    Try it again when u r sOber xD
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    cpu problem need help :(

    cpu is hitting 60c on idle and on full load crosses 70c no overclocking stock cooler :( any helpful suggestions???
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    Addon problem :(

    3-4 days ago clicked on addon it started downloading like when new update comes same as that ( no idea why) So i forced close it due to it being taking all bandwidth of my shitty connection and after that im not able to start addon i double click it windows aero starts but nothing happens...
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    Your favourite/funny memes

    plot twist.
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    CoD4 AngryUkraine

    name-AngryUkraine cheat-wh ip-31.181.*.* proof-
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    CoD:WaW xmad80

    name-xmad80 cheat-aim ip-17.17.*.* proof-
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    name- D.TERROR cheat-aim proof-
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    CoD:WaW troll

    name-troll team nading ip-84.192.*.* proof-
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    name-LIUKANG cheat-wh ip-95.82.*.* proof-
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    CoD:WaW scarez

    name- scarez cheat-aim proof-
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    CoD:WaW ased/sas

    name- ased/sas teamnading ip-159.146.*.* proof-
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    CoD:WaW Huni77xD

    name-Huni77xD cheat-wh ip-80.98.*.* proof-
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    CoD:WaW sana

    name-sana cheat-multi proof-