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    JFF - Softcore # 2 - Test Server

    Hi, I have uploaded your maps. I think it would still be nice for players to be able to pick map and type... If you think that makes sense I will look at continuing to remove all the other handling and leave just the map change and game type picking. And my job is to do as players wish :) If...
  2. UDieToday

    News and Updates

    I have uploaded the changes, please keep an eye on any weirdness... sometimes if map is misspelled can cause a problem.
  3. UDieToday

    JFF - Softcore # 2 - Test Server

    Guys, I made a copy of our Server #2... An exact copy of the settings on #2. I added the new experience stuff ( most turned off ) to it and would like peoples opinions on if this is any fun and might be a good replacement or addition. Please check it out and let me know...
  4. UDieToday

    News and Updates

    @patriots requested a map rotation change ( This to me means he gets to pick it :) ) Here is current rotation: gametype sd map mp_backlot gametype dom map mp_bog gametype sd map mp_crash gametype war map mp_crossfire gametype sab map mp_pipeline gametype war map mp_broadcast gametype sd map...
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    I had to reduce @Akkordmef permissions because he does not have a steam id set on the tool. We can restore them once that is set. There is a bug in the tool which I thought was fixed, but seems to be causing issues still... Also reported to developer so suspect we may have fix some time shortly...
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    we need to remove akkordmef I am doing now.. will follow with the developer also
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    The admin tool had an issue before if any admin did not have steam id set... That was fixed though, not sure what is going on . @Akkordmef please make sure you have added your steam sign on to the addon tool
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    COD4 Troubleshooting

    I think you have an issue with your basic cod4 setup. I did a quick google search on your problem, I think you need to check your install...
  9. UDieToday

    Been good, how are things with you ?

    Been good, how are things with you ?
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    I don't see any recent bans or unbans for you. Let me know on discord if you are having trouble. also I believe it you register on the admin tool that you cannot be banned again might be an option if you are changing names. Vince
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    Problem with rotu

    Well, I am pleased to say that I think the problem with the mod has been solved. We have been running for about a week on a custom compile of cod4x server which disabled the heavy logging of errors. Yesterday we had ~2500 zombies in the finale and game was stable ! Anyone up for a challenge to...
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    Good Song :)

    For you Pink Floyd fans, I think this is a rare time when the cover is as good or better than the original...
  13. UDieToday

    Good Song :)

    Got around to listening to this one, not quite sure it's my style... how about the rest of you :) ?
  14. UDieToday

    JFF ROTU - game crash and map problem

    We are now running a custom compile of cod4x on the rotu server. Removed some of the debug messages being logged which I suspect will improve performance and hopefully solve our "suspected infinite loop" problem.
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    A friend sent me a link to a documentary on the Corona stuff, might be interesting... It's in English...